The prototype of pitaka MagSafes magnetosuction ecology appeared three years ago

 The prototype of pitaka MagSafes magnetosuction ecology appeared three years ago

In fact, Apple has added wireless charging function to all iPhone models since the iPhone 8 in 2017, and frankly believes it is optimistic about wireless charging. However, it has only stopped here and has not made great progress in the field of wireless charging. Airpower has not yet launched MagSafe magnetic suction charging technology until now.

The reason is that apple is exploring a good enough wireless charging solution to solve the poor experience of wireless charging: wireless charging relies on the alignment of transmitting coil and receiving coil, and the traditional wireless charger cannot achieve the best effect when placed at random. If it is put out of place, it will lead to problems such as low efficiency of wireless charging, poor power, slow charging and serious heating.

The application of magnetic suction technology to wireless charging can completely solve the problem that wireless charging is difficult to align, and there is no possibility of deflection, so as to maximize the efficiency of wireless charging.

Obviously, the magnetic suction wireless charging ecology is the answer of the iPhone.

The soul of pursuing innovation always cherishes each other. The key to make a good product is to find the right answer.

Pitaka magnetic suction ecological product design coincides with apple MagSafe magnetic suction ecology. In addition to achieving unity in pursuit of comfortable user experience and ultimate simplicity aesthetics, it is also an embodiment of innovative brands more consideration of users needs and feelings for products and people-oriented in design.

Believe in the power of deep ploughing

Magezcase steel sheet design of pitaka vsiphone12 MagSafe magnetic suction design

Pitaka began to independently develop the design of steel sheet in the case of Kevlar mobile phone as early as three years ago. It has successfully realized the embedding of two crescent shaped steel sheets, which does not affect the effect of mobile phone wireless charging. It has also developed a whole magnetic suction product line, bringing the smooth experience of magnetic absorption ecology to more users.

Magez series magnetic suction charging mode vs MagSafe magnetic suction charging mode

The magez series chargers of pitaka are a complete set of magnetic absorption ecosystem, including magezmountqi, magezmount qidesktop, magezjuice, magezbar, etc., which cover users daily, travel, office and other scenarios.

These chargers have built-in bipolar magnets, which are designed to be assembled into multi-point nsnsnsnsnsnsns poles. They are arranged in an arc. They are automatically aligned with the magnetic suction steel sheet inside magezcase and are firmly adsorbed. The transmitting coil and receiving coil can reach the millimeter level alignment accuracy that cannot be achieved by manual placement. It is easy to take and place as you go. At the same time, the steel plate in the mobile phone case and the multipoint magnet in the charger form a closed magnetic field, which does not affect the electromagnetic signal, navigation and compass of the mobile phone.

MagSafe magnet charger uses powerful magnetic force to directly pop up when the iPhone 12 is placed close to it, automatically aligning with the phones adsorption. Moreover, due to the strong magnetic attraction, the iPhone 12 cannot be picked up at will, so it is necessary to manually separate and remove the MagSafe magnetic suction charger.

Magez card sleeve magnetic bag vs MagSafe magnetic card bag

MagSafe magnetic card bag can be put into bank card, traffic card and other conventional cards. It can be easily adsorbed on the back of iPhone 12 or MagSafe magnetic suction case by magnetic force. It is more convenient for users to carry cards when they go out with light load.

This is also the same as the magezcardsleep magnetic suction pocket card bag product design of pitaka. It can be easily absorbed in the back of magezcase magnetic aramid fiber mobile phone / iPad Pro protective case by magnetic force, so as to realize light travel and light office, so as to make daily carrying easy and return to simple. Moreover, the card package can be read without any obstruction, and the information of the card can be read directly without taking out the card.

In addition to the magnetic products corresponding to the three MagSafe magnetic suction accessories currently launched by apple, pitakas rich magnetic suction ecological product matrix covers all aspects of users life, It includes wall mounted magnetic suction wireless charging magezbar for home scene, magezmount qidesktop for office / desktop scene, three in one wireless charging magezjuice for flexible switching of office / Travel scenarios, and magezwallet, a modular magnetic card package that changes the wallet industry... Diversified product matrix and multi scene user coverage, Three years experience in the development and research of magnetic suction ecological products is the unique advantage of pitaka brand.

The iPhone 12s support for magnetic suction wireless charging is bound to make the market scale larger. All mobile phone accessories will be readjusted around the magnetic suction. When the market opens, it will also face the challenge of increasing competitors. As the pioneer of magnetic absorption ecology and the most widely used, CEO James Zheng Yanghui admitted that he has no fear in the face of challenges, except for a whole magnetic suction product line independently developed, Pitaka also has the advantages that other brands are hard to copy: its advanced market vision and unique creative ideas, which are the root of pitakas ability to propose magnetic suction wireless charging solution three years earlier than apple.

Pitaka magnetic suction ecological design concept

Many digital products on the market are not difficult to use independently, but when users need to use multiple products in order to complete a certain task, the complex process and switching between products will affect the smooth experience of users. The lack of overall consideration is easy to lead to building a car behind closed doors and unable to realize the cooperation and linkage between multiple products.

The original intention of pitakas choice to create a magnetic suction ecosystem is that the magnet is a special material with connectivity. Any product embedded with magnets can be connected by adsorption and bonding, which is the best connection mode for connecting the users life scenes.

Pitakas establishment of magnetic suction ecological product line is to focus on the steps of product jump, so that each product has connectivity and optimize the users use process.

Thinking function vs thinking scene

Unlike other brands, they focus on the characteristics / functions of the product itself. The design of pitaka products focuses on the user and life scenarios, and puts the thinking of scenarios into product design.

Because all functions do not mean good product experience, if we design products from the aspect of function development, we will enter the misunderstanding of stacking functions: the products are rich in functions, but users cant use them at all or use very low frequencies.

A day under pitaka magnetic absorption ecosystem

As mentioned earlier, the foundation of pitakas entire magneto charging ecosystem comes from an original micro design - steel plates embedded in the protective shell.

It is worth mentioning that pitaka has also made a major innovation in the material selection of the protective shell: using expensive aramid aramid fiber (Kevlar, the same material for bulletproof vests) instead of the common plastic / silica gel or other low-cost materials.

Such a bold and high-cost attempt comes from pitakas deep understanding of aramid fiber materials. As an expert in high-tech composite materials, pitaka has made in-depth research and familiarity with aramid fiber forming technology. Up to now, pitaka has made great efforts to improve the quality of aramid fiber, Pitaka has 33 technical patents, such as aramid fiber mobile phone case, wireless charging products, circuit connection module, magnetic suction modular device products, such as appearance design patents, utility model patents, which have been recognized and affirmed by the professional field for many times.

Through the design of embedded steel sheet in Aramid aramid fiber mobile phone case, the mobile phone can be adsorbed on any device in the magnetic absorption charging ecosystem, creating a convenient and worry-free magnetic life circle

Before leaving home in the morning, take off the fully charged mobile phone, modular magnetic suction wallet, magezwallet, car key, room key, etc. from magezbar. There is no need to worry about or repeatedly check whether necessary small items are missing before going out;

When driving, magezcase magnetic suction mobile phone case and magezmountqi wireless charging car holder are used together: charging is instant, stable and safe, convenient and easy to take, eyes are focused on the road, and there will be no rush in the gap between driving;

When you come to the office, magezcase is used in combination with magezmount qidesktop desktop charging bracket or magezjuice three in one charging free magnetic suction wireless charging: it can be charged as soon as it is discharged. Even if you leave the seat gap, you dont need to plug and pull the data cable repeatedly to hurt your phone. You can start your life with a clean and efficient desk;

When you come home at night, you can attach your mobile phone, key and magezwallet card bag to the magezbar in the hallway, which can not only charge the electronic products, but also store the necessary items for going out, so that people can travel without worry. Working a day, leaving more time for family;

Before long-distance travel, magezcase is used in combination with magezjuice wireless power bank. It is a wireless charger at home. When you go out, you will become a power bank. You will never forget to charge the charger before traveling.

Pitaka believes that in the field of product innovation and user experience, there has never been a full score or a standard answer, and the road pitaka is taking is not a standard answer, but it is a new road dug out through deep thinking, insight and independent exploration, and has the courage to express its thinking results to everyone.

Today, three years later, Apple launched MagSafe magnetic suction ecology, which proves pitakas advanced market vision and unique creative insight. Compared with MagSafe, pitaka has accumulated three years of first mover advantages, R & D experience and magnetosuction ecological product matrix covering all aspects of users life. After years of market tests, its reputation is growing rapidly.

Although Apples magnetic attraction ecology is bound to cause a big shock in the digital market, the magnetic suction creative products will become the focus of competition among many software manufacturers, and competitors will flock to it. But pitaka believes that as long as it does not blindly follow, dare to innovate, think deeply, focus on making products, and strive to achieve a better user experience, the product moat is deep enough, and it will not be afraid of any challenges.

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485