Theres no end to circular proof. why is it so difficult to prove my dad is my dad?

 Theres no end to circular proof. why is it so difficult to prove my dad is my dad?

Mr. Chens father died on February 28 this year. Before his death, he left a deposit of more than 70000 yuan in Huiyang branch of Postal Savings Bank of China. On March 2, when Mr. Chen went to the bank to withdraw money with the deposit certificate (knowing his fathers deposit certificate password), the withdrawal failed because he could not pass the banks face recognition system.

The bank staff told Mr. Chen that this situation belongs to deposit inheritance. He should apply for the certificate of inheritance right to the notary office in his place of residence, habitual residence or the place where the banking institution is located, and the bank shall make payment accordingly. In this regard, Mr. Chen embarked on a long cycle of notarizing inheritance and proving that my father is my father

Mr. Chen first went to Huiyang District Notary Office to handle notarization. Although Mr. Chen provided the account office to the notary office, and Mr. Chen and his father were in the same account book, and could prove the relationship between the two sons, the notary office staff still asked Mr. Chen to provide proof of the relationship between the registered residence and the local police station. So, Mr. Chen went to the police station where he was registered residence to apply for proof of family relationship. The police station told Mr. Chen that his kinship certificate was one of the 18 kinds of certificates no longer issued by the police station and public security organs determined by the Ministry of public security.

Mr. Chen came to the notary office second times to explain that the police station did not handle the proof of the relationship. The notary office said that the police station could copy the register of registered residence. Mr. Chen once again came to the police station, but sent the personal privacy reasons, so he refused to apply for photocopy of registered residence books.

Mr. Chen went to the notary office for the third time. The notary said it was OK to provide the certificate of kinship issued by the neighborhood committee. Mr. Chen went to the neighborhood committee to issue a kinship certificate. The neighborhood committee said that according to the provisions of the Ministry of civil affairs, Mr. Chen was not allowed to issue a kinship certificate.

Since then, Mr. Chen has been running around the bank, notary office, police station and neighborhood committee for many times. However, the problem can not be solved. Mr. Chen still fails to issue the notarial certificate, which leads to the bank deposit unable to be withdrawn.

In addition, in order to prevent the recurrence of similar problems, Huizhou City has asked Huiyang District to further optimize the relevant process. In order to ensure the authenticity of notarization matters and the security of public security household data, the District Notary Office will send a letter to the District Public Security Bureau, which will issue a kinship certificate to provide more convenient and efficient services for the masses. Next, Huizhou will draw inferences from one instance in the city, sort out and investigate similar problems, and urge the comprehensive rectification of problems.

The grass-roots departments lack of service consciousness

In 2018, the general office of the State Council issued the notice on doing a good job in sorting out certification matters, requiring that all certification matters not stipulated by laws and regulations should be cancelled, and the behavior of arbitrarily transferring the verification obligation of administrative organs to the masses and enterprises should be corrected and dealt with in a timely manner. Cumbersome proof, circular proof and even exotic proof not only annoy the masses, but also annoy enterprises. We must be determined to comprehensively clean up all kinds of certification items, so that the masses and enterprises will no longer run errands for unnecessary things.

The inspection team believes that the circular proof encountered by Mr. Chen is not accidental, but rather the poor sense of active service of relevant departments at the grass-roots level. In actual work, the interests of the people are not put in the first place. When each department encounters new situations, the first thing they think of is to evade their own responsibilities and shirk responsibility, which leads to no way for the masses to handle affairs, let the masses fall into the circular proof and my father is my father Deadlock. Therefore, the government departments should further strengthen coordination and cooperation, promote the interconnection of information systems, break the information island between government departments and within departments, and fundamentally eradicate the breeding ground of exotic flower certification, circular certification and repeated certification. (CCTV reporter Lu Xuexian and Guo Zhen)

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A parent in Taizhou was asked to prove that my dad is my dad at the scene of freshman registration!

Since Taizhou primary school enrollment announcement, on July 18, parents of freshmen have begun to sign up for their children.

The parents should be very happy when the children are about to enter the first grade, but the tedious registration procedures make them not happy.

On the afternoon of the 19th, a parent posted a post on a forum in Taizhou: I have to prove that my father is my father when I sign up for grade one.

The parent said: after queuing up for more than two hours, it was not easy to wait for the registration. Finally, the school said, I cant prove that my husband is my father-in-laws son. The house property certificate is the father-in-laws name. The childrens household registration and the husbands registered permanent residence have been transferred to the building owners household register. There are obviously relocation records. Why cant it be proved?

Subsequently, the microenterprise contacted the sender (hereinafter referred to as Miss Xu). She provided us with the relocation record of the Hukou book.

Figure 1 is a screenshot of the household register of Miss Xus family. In the column of the household registration migration record of her husband Mr. Wang, it is shown that she moved to this address from Gushan Town, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, on December 15, 2011.

(Figure 1)

Figure 2 is a screenshot of Mr. Wangs fathers household register. In the column of address, his current address is Gushan Town, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province...

(Fig. 2)

From the contents of the two Hukou books, it is impossible to conclude that Mr. Wang is the son of his father. A certificate is needed to confirm their relationship.

In response, the school side believed that the fathers registered residence and his grandfather were not in the same book, and the household registration number was different. The school district room was written by the grandparents name. Therefore, it is suggested that the police station issue a certificate and seal it.

Ms. Xu was very upset: the school asked me to go to the police station to issue a certificate, but the police station also made a clear reply that they would not open it. Who should I look for? Cant the migration record on the household register be proved?

At noon yesterday, Ms. Xu happily told Xiaowei: it has been proved that it has been called. You should go to the village first and then go to the police station.

Does it take so much trouble to prove kinship?

Lets talk about whether its necessary.

In fact, proof itself is not wrong. In modern public life, in order to regulate peoples behavior, it is really necessary to use all kinds of proof to ensure the legal compliance of behavior. But at the same time, some unnecessary, unreasonable and even impossible wonderful flower proof are also mixed among them, making people suffer enough. The organization that asked for proof just opened its mouth, but the person who provided it might have broken his leg.

Miss Xu is still lucky. After several twists and turns and running for two days, she finally got the proof. And there are some people who cant find a place to prove after a long circle. Thats really sad.

At present, there is still a long way to go for the simplification of administration and decentralization advocated by the state. A small proof seems simple, but it also requires the relevant departments to take responsibility and be willing to serve the people. Under such circumstances, we may as well give full play to the power from the bottom to the top, smooth the channels for peoples complaints, encourage the people to supervise the work, and punish the units and departments with low degree of peoples satisfaction and make it known to the public in a timely manner. Only in this way can the wonderful flower proof be nipped in the bud.

If it is necessary to issue a certificate, who should be asked to do so?

What are the first batch of lists?

Read a picture

The list clearly specifies who should open the kinship certificate:

1. The certification department can check it by sharing information with public security, civil affairs, health and other departments;

2. Residents should provide household register, marriage certificate, birth medical certificate, etc. to prove it according to the facts. If the proof materials are lost, the relevant departments should make up for it;

(Note: This certificate is exclusive of real estate registration and notarization.)

u258d the comprehensive arrangement of great Taizhou is from the Ministry of civil affairs and weijingjiang

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