Wang Zhengmei is the most indignant!

 Wang Zhengmei is the most indignant!

Wang Yi said that with the personal concern of the two heads of state, China and Morocco have made positive progress in vaccine cooperation. China will continue to promote the docking between Chinese enterprises and Moldova, so as to help Morocco overcome the epidemic at an early date.

US forces China to fight the cold war? Foreign media: no country is willing to stand on the side. China is not the Soviet Union

Has Sino US relations really fallen into cold war 2.0? There is no consensus in international relations academia. The economic and trade relations between China and the United States are so close that the US Soviet relations at that time could not be compared with them. In the era of globalization in which interests are deeply blended, no country is willing to stand on the side between China and the United States. China did not pursue the policy of all-round confrontation with the United States like the Soviet Union. There are still doubts about the theory that a cold war has broken out between China and the United States.

But there is no doubt that the current US China policy is full of emotional catharsis and McCarthy like paranoia. Some people in the United States, out of ideological prejudice, are sparing no effort to portray China as an adversary or even an enemy. Sino US relations are facing the most serious challenge since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

On July 23, US Secretary of state pompeio delivered a speech on China Policy (Reuters)

Over the past few days, U.S. presidents assistant to national security affairs OBrien, FBI director Christopher ray, attorney general Barr, and Secretary of state pompeio have delivered Anti China speeches, intensively concocting a hodgepodge of political lies related to China. They have no bottom line to target the Communist Party of China and Chinas social system, in an attempt to target the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China In opposition. It is no wonder that some foreign media interpret their speeches as cold war denunciation against China and iron curtain speech in the 21st century.

Pompeio and his colleagues are trying to impose a new cold war on China. A spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry pointed out that pompeios recent speech indicated that he wants to shape himself into Dulles in the 21st century and launch a new crusade against China in a globalized world. They deliberately create ideological antagonism between China and the United States, openly coerce other countries to stand in the line between China and the United States, and promote the policy of confrontation with China in various fields. The blatant demand that China close its Consulate General in Houston is just the latest provocation by American Anti China politicians.

In the face of us provocation, China will never retreat. China does not cause trouble, but is not afraid of it. It will resolutely defend its legitimate rights and interests. The current US government should have a clear understanding of this. In the face of the trade war imposed on China by the United States, China countered with pertinence and showed its determination and attitude to accompany China to the end. Finally, the United States could only return to the negotiation table obediently. Recently, the US side has repeatedly provoked China on issues related to Xinjiang and Tibet, without exception, it has been strongly countered by China. The US side brazenly closed the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, and the Chinese side responded by closing the US Consulate General in Chengdu.

The future is no exception. We do not want to fight a cold war with the United States, but we are not afraid of any challenges. China will firmly safeguard its national sovereignty and national dignity, its legitimate right to development and the basic norms of international relations. In the face of any hostile provocation by the United States, we will not retreat or blink an eye, but will resolutely and forcefully fight back to each other.

The United States has made a serious strategic misjudgment on China, but we will not be led by the US side. The more hysterical and emotional American politicians are, the more calm we are to observe and respond calmly. Pompeio and his colleagues provoked the confrontation between China and the United States by all means, even without any bottom line, in an attempt to force China to fight a cold war with the United States. On the one hand, their purpose is to completely interrupt Chinas development process, on the other hand, they are trying to transfer domestic contradictions for the sake of party struggle and election. We must not allow the insidious tricks of pompeio and the like to succeed.

Chinas greatest concern is to improve the well-being of its people, to realize the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and to world peace and stability. We are not interested in challenging or replacing the United States as the world hegemony. No matter how changeable the external situation may be, the most important thing for China is to do its own thing well, continuously deepen reform, expand opening up, and realize high-quality economic development. As long as we have trained our internal skills, we will be able to stabilize our position, and any cold war provocation by the United States will be in vain.

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As for the U.S. general election at the end of the year, we have no interest at all. Unlike the United States, which calls itself the World Police, China has always adhered to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. It is really not interested in being involved in the internal affairs and general elections of other countries. Whether the Republican camp is re elected or the democratic camp is in power, Chinas policy toward the United States will not change. Today, American politicians spare no effort to play the China card during the general election to stir up the antagonism between China and the United States. We are not interested in cooperating with their performances, nor will we be election assistants of any political party!