Huawei mate40 series second light iPhone 12 first sale store experience queue up

 Huawei mate40 series second light iPhone 12 first sale store experience queue up

In addition, after the release of Huawei mate 40 series flagship, the booking market is even more difficult to obtain. Some users said: its too hard to rob. Its almost a second. Its harder than apple.

Cattle: iPhone market better than last year

Mr. Zhongzheng noticed that the scalper raised the price by 1500 yuan to receive the 512gb version of the iPhone 12pro sea blue, but after yelling for a long time, he did not receive the goods.

By noon and evening, the price may come down. Its real-time, and it will fall back in two days. But its much better than last year. This cattle frankly said.

Outside the store, there was also a long queue of iPhone users.

Outside Xidan Apple store in Beijing

The improvement of the iPhone market has something to do with the fact that the iPhone 12 series is Apples first 5g mobile phone.

Photo by Zhang Xingwang, reporter of Beijing Xidan Apple Store

A Mr. Li from Shenzhen told zhongzhengjun that he had bought the blue model of the iPhone 12 and received the product early this morning. The last generation of iPhone was bought in 2018. Since this is Apples first 5g mobile phone, he still wants to buy it and experience it.

Many securities companies are also optimistic about Apples first 5g mobile phone. CICC believes the iPhone 12 could become the most popular iPhone in the past six years. It is estimated that among the more than 1 billion existing iPhone users, 72% of the iPhone users with models in 2017 and earlier are in stock, and the potential replacement demand is expected. The iPhone 12 is expected to stimulate the accumulated demand for phone replacement, supporting the return of iPhone sales to double-digit positive growth after five consecutive years of decline.

Changjiang Securities believes that Apples iPhone 12 products coincide with the wave of 5g phone replacement in China. Take September as an example, the domestic 5g mobile phone accounted for 60.0%, and the 5g phone replacement curtain has been opened. Many Apple users or potential customers postpone the replacement to purchase a 5g version of the iPhone. The iPhone 12 is an innovation that users have been waiting for for for a long time.

Huawei mate40 series one machine hard to find

In the field of high-end mobile phones, Huawei and apple are popular in the Chinese market. According to the data released by IDC, in the first half of 2020, Huaweis market share was 44.1%, while Apples market share was 44.0%, which were almost the same.

It is worth noting that Huawei held a global online conference yesterday evening to release the out of print flagship mobile phone mate40 series. Yu Chengdong, Huaweis managing director and CEO of consumer business, said: Huawei mate 40 series is the most powerful Huawei mate mobile phone to date, and Kirin 9000 series chips have achieved a new level of performance and energy efficiency ratio.

Due to Kirin 9000 chip reserve is limited, Huawei mate 40 series flagship mobile phones are sought after by Chinese market users. Although Chinas market price has not been announced, but booking is difficult to get.

At 0:00 on October 23, Huawei mate40pro and Huawei mate 40pro + opened 100 yuan booking in Huawei mall, online authorized e-commerce platform and offline authorized retail channel. In the early morning of October 23, many Huawei mobile phone users said that they did not grab the two mobile phones when they made an appointment in Huawei mall. Its a second. Its harder than apple. A Huawei mobile phone user told zhongzhengjun.

At about 0:11 on October 23, Zhongzheng Jun landed in Huawei mall to make an appointment, but it was always in line and soon sold out. At 10:08 this morning, Huawei mall released the goods again, but as of the time of publication, Huawei mate 40 pro and Huawei mate 40 PRO + were temporarily out of stock. This also means that Huaweis flagship mobile phone is in short supply.

Source: Huawei mall

CITIC Securities believes that Huawei mate 40 series domestic version will be released on October 30. Combined with historical pricing, it is expected that the domestic price will be 20% - 30% lower than that of euro. Combined with the sales volume of Huawei mate series before, considering the sanction factors, it is estimated that the sales volume of mate 40 series will be in the order of 10 million.