Wal Mart China signed strategic cooperation with 31 universities to cultivate future talents

 Wal Mart China signed strategic cooperation with 31 universities to cultivate future talents

Wal Mart China signs school enterprise strategic cooperation with 31 Universities

Guo Yujin, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China chain operation association, shared the current situation of the industry and talent development at the meeting. In the first three quarters of 2020, only the supermarket business maintained a positive growth rate, and the industry home business grew in a blowout manner. The online retail sales of physical goods accounted for 24.3% of the total retail sales of consumer goods. Due to the increased attention of epidemic talents to the livelihood industries such as supermarkets, businesses and supermarkets, the industry has great potential for talent upgrading in the future under the new normal.

At present, Wal Mart has various forms of cooperation with colleges and universities, including the establishment of directional practice base to order class, modern apprenticeship, etc. in the future, Wal Mart will work with colleges and universities to further explore and tap the advantages of both sides, and jointly construct a one-stop talent development path for students. By upgrading the training path to systematize and standardize the training path, while providing students with practice platform and multi-channel development opportunities, we can help them pass the stage assessment along the clear growth path, and quickly grow to management and training students or department heads, store vice president, general manager and other target positions. In recent years, Wal Mart has transferred more than 300 supervisors from interns and more than 250 management trainees from interns. In the future, Wal Mart will gradually increase the conversion rate from interns to management trainees and regular employees.

In the practice training, Wal Mart and colleges and universities jointly create a series of phased training programs, through the school double teacher teaching, practical practice, targeted post ability assessment, and then to the full-time long-term training and follow-up, to help students improve their professional quality and ability in an all-round way, and realize the seamless transition from campus to workplace. The in-depth integration of the talent training program between the school and the enterprise helps the school to better integrate production and learning, cultivate talents more in line with the current development needs, and provide a pool of future talents for enterprises and industries.

Wal Mart creates a one-stop development path for students from campus to workplace

Deepening the integration of production and education and culture, giving consideration to both morality and talent in collaborative education

On the one hand, Wal Mart continues to increase its investment in curriculum development and lecturer resources. Wal Mart retail university has developed more than 20 online and offline training courses, covering a full range of retail industry knowledge and management experience of professional, management and business. And according to the needs of colleges and universities and students interests, we continue to develop new courses. At the same time, Wal Mart has built a team of more than 100 authorized lecturers in China. They come from the core business departments and front-line operation management of the company. They have rich experience in the operation and management of retail industry, and the lecturer team is still expanding.

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