Animal abuse has the potential risk of retaliation

 Animal abuse has the potential risk of retaliation

Animal abuse is prohibited and animal protection law is established. This sentence is mentioned many times every year. However, because this law is still blank, the public has no choice but to denounce every vicious case related to animals.

This is a kind of helpless, perhaps also a kind of sadness.

In 1963, several psychologists observed serial killers and arsonists and found that most of them had experienced at least two of the three behaviors in their childhood: bed wetting, arson, abuse and even killing small animals.

Although there is not enough evidence to support this conclusion, it can be applied to criminology. But it also shows one thing more or less: the personality of people who abuse animals is not sound.

When the existence of such people is found around, whether it is human or animal, should be as far away as possible.

Yesterday, CCTV made an appeal on its microblog. The voice from the official media, of course, has been forwarded and supported by many ordinary people. Once there is a severe punishment of the law, at least some deterrence will be produced to some people who try to challenge the bottom line.

The second brother likes cats and has two at home.

She must be very painful, body pain, heart pain!

She may be on the verge of suffocation, still worried about her unborn baby. When the disaster to her crazy swept, she must feel endless despair and helplessness. Looking at the murderers complacent face when he achieved his goal, she must be very puzzled and even kind enough to reflect on what she had done wrong.

Human beings, in the final analysis, are just higher animals with faster evolution.

But a little bit of self-knowledge and compassion will not base the most stupid pleasure and ridiculous vanity on the basis of harming any other life. Abusing a weaker, more helpless creature than itself does not prove how powerful the perpetrator is.

Up to now, more than 100 countries have enacted the laws against animal abuse. These laws have a basic principle: under no circumstances shall unnecessary pain or sorrow be caused to slaughtered animals or other animals.

Since life exists, we should be in awe of it. Man is the yardstick of all things. Dont be an animals nightmare.

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