What is the experience of one ball winning tennis match? Players call it too exciting

 What is the experience of one ball winning tennis match? Players call it too exciting

In the actual experience, how does this rule feel? How to choose the right to serve in the case of one ball winning or losing? Previously, two contestants who participated in the wild card race of the event told the surging journalists their own experience.

Mr. Liu, a citizen.

As uncertainty increases, strength remains important

One ball is the winner, which means that any mistake will lead to sudden death. Therefore, even if the strength of the rookie is not high on the strength of the veteran, the latter may also hand slip to lose the game, greatly increasing the chance.

Mr. Liu, who got the qualification through the wild card game, told the surging journalists that compared with the normal amateur tennis competition, winning by one ball is indeed more unpredictable.

The biggest characteristic is uncertainty. It is uncertain about the opponents ability, whether he can play stably, and the increase of lucky and accidental elements is a great psychological challenge.

According to the rules of the competition, there are 512 signings in the competition. If you want to win the final championship, you need to go through a total of 9 rounds of tests. Any mistake will stop the pace of progress. For amateurs, it is also a very difficult challenge to control the mistakes.

Mr. Liu also said that even if the element of luck increases, the strength of the players is still important. Strength and luck coexist, but strength is still very important. I think the player who can get to the final championship must be a relatively strong player.

Ms. Zhang, another winner of the wild card race, also believes that although the competition system apparently gives more opportunities to the weaker players, for those who really play well, they have more opportunities at any time.

Ms. Zhang (middle).

The right to serve is also an important game

Compared with the normal tennis game of taking turns serving, under the rule of one ball wins, the importance of the right to serve is greatly magnified - strong serve is easier to attack, but once it is wrong, it will also pay the price of losing the game.

In the case of mixed competition of male and female players, the special rules for gender in the competition also give players more space to play.

It is understood that if both sides of the match are players of the same sex, the server will be determined by tossing a coin - the serving party, like the ordinary game, has two chances to serve, and double faults will directly lose the game.

But if it is a male player and a female player, then the female player will directly get the right to choose between serving and receiving. If the female player chooses to receive the service, then the male player who serves will have only one chance to serve, and once he fails, he will be directly out of the game.

Ms. Zhang told the surging news reporters that she would choose to serve more. Boys only have one chance to serve, (girls) may have some advantages.

Mr. Liu said that he would also focus on the practice of serving. If women players are drawn against each other, most of them will let the male players serve. However, the service is still more active and more aggressive. Therefore, we should try our best to do a good job in the service link. If we receive the service, we may still be passive.

Relax and enjoy the tennis Carnival

Although the game is won with only one goal, the prize money is heavy - the winner will get a million prize, which is an incentive for all participants.

However, both participants said that the prize was not the ultimate goal, but hoped to experience the process of the game more and enjoy the professional venues played by top players such as Federer and Nadal.

Although there is no chance to watch professional players play here because of the epidemic, even if it is amateur competition, the atmosphere will certainly be very good. Ms Zhang said.

The two contestants revealed that apart from themselves, many tennis enthusiasts nearby signed up for the competition. In addition to 40 wild card places, 472 places were opened for the competition. After the registration channel was officially opened in the morning of October 16, the quota was quickly robbed.

On the day of the match, the players also hope to go to Qizhong Tennis Center with their families and friends to enjoy the pleasure of tennis. It is reported that contestants can get two free tickets, and fans can also buy tickets from the wechat app of Shanghai Rolex masters competition.

Source: surging news editor: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651