Chinese mobile phone enterprises in villages and towns: the secret of the success of acquaintance Market

 Chinese mobile phone enterprises in villages and towns: the secret of the success of acquaintance Market

In addition to product power, who can reach a wider range of consumers, then who can take the lead in the future when the industry structure shocks. Canalys analyst Jia morze told reporters.

Become in villages and towns

Li Lin is the general manager of oppo Huaihua City, Hunan Province. He recalled to reporters that in 2014, when the mobile phone market began to change from 3G to 4G, in order to seize the market opportunity and open up sales in the township market, he drove more than 30000 kilometers in a year in mountainous areas.

Fifteen or six hours a day, talking about cooperation step by step. Li Lin told reporters that there are 11 counties in Huaihua, and some of them are in the deep mountains. To drive a car for a day, he goes to the sales center and starts in the morning and arrives at 5:6 p.m. after arriving, the dealers are basically closed.

But people think its not easy for oppo people to open a days car for a husband and wifes shop. They think these people are good. Li Lin said.

However, because the township market is too deep and too wide, it is not easy to gain popularity in Huaihua. Li Lin told reporters that sometimes, from front-line salesmen to business executives, they would carry their own materials to catch the shuttle bus between towns and districts for the purpose of promoting sales. They danced at the door of stores to attract people when they were on the market. What they did was that the salesmen of other brand manufacturers were not willing to do. At that time, the brand leaders of these markets were Samsung and Nokia.

Youll find that at first everyone was embarrassed, but later the boss and his wife could join in. Li Lin said that in Huaihua, oppo can achieve one distribution in one county. By the end of 2014, there were more than 300 distributors and more than 300 partners. At the peak, the number of oppo offline retail terminals exceeded 250000, and Hunans distribution channels reached 20000.

In 2015 and 2016, with the outbreak of domestic brands, mobile phone manufacturers have become extremely fierce in seizing the city and land of the sinking market. In Chinas fourth and fifth tier Township markets, the expansion of real gold and silver has already begun.

There are about 500 prefecture level cities, more than 2100 county-level cities and more than 40000 villages and towns in China. However, Huaweis goal in 2016 only covers half of the county-level cities, which is not enough. In an interview in 2016, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huaweis consumer business, told reporters that Huaweis key plan in 2016 is to cover its exclusive stores in at least 1000 counties, with an investment amount of 100 million yuan.

Even some brands that focus on e-commerce channels have begun to brush their faces in offline channels. With the support of some agents and channel providers, Xiaomi mobile phone started to start around national roads and provincial roads in 100 districts and counties of 10 provinces in 2015, winning 1000 advertising walls and displaying the slogan millet mobile phone is fast.

The two vivo channels are close to each other in 2016, and the number of channels for each manufacturer is more than half a billion.

The strong channel capability has made oppo and vivo enter the outbreak period since 2016. The mobile phone share of oppo leapt to the first in the domestic market in 2018, and it also ranks in the top five of the global smartphone list. At that time, the sales of Huawei executives can not help but sigh, in the past, it was the wrong target, and the really powerful competitors are growing under their noses.

4000 friends in a shopping guides mobile phone

Its been seven or eight years since I joined oppo, and one third of the new customers are recommended by old customers. Liu Liping said.

Acquaintance network is the most common ecology of the township consumption market, and the chain effect of the reputation of the neighborhood is huge. In the reporters field visit, we found that many consumers are a family or even a village. They will buy the same brand in the whole village due to the introduction of Acquaintances.

Liu Liping and her town are the subtle branches of numerous capillaries that make up oppo channel distribution.

The huge dealer system is called customer inside oppo, which constitutes the capillary of 200000 orders of magnitude in its offline channels. Generally, the types of dealers are mainly divided into chain stores, mobile phone chain stores and husband and wife stores.

Putian Taili (FD distribution mode) is mainly responsible for mate series and P series products. It is mainly used as the capital logistics platform of the manufacturer. The manufacturer provides the source of goods to Putian Taili, who will make payment to the manufacturer. At the same time, as the general warehouse, it will deliver goods to dealers all over the country, and will be responsible for the distribution of goods to high-level customers.

Compared with the two modes, 80% of oppos agent operators have working experience in oppo system, and most of them hold oppo shares. Under the community of interests, most of them have solved the problem of mutual distrust in the vast majority of entrusted sales models from the underlying structure, and have a certain sense of belonging to the brand. Huawei, on the other hand, divides its dealers customers into pyramid levels based on sales volume. The higher the level is, the greater the benefits and rights it will enjoy. Selling more goods will get better source models.

Although the shopping guide mode is widely used, with the increasing demand of user experience, manufacturers are also forced to reposition the value of channels. The strong shopping guide mode has begun to encounter challenges in the past two years.

In the past, for consumers, you just need to smash gifts to get deals. Mobile phone brand manufacturers need to consider the expansion of outlets, so that consumers can easily buy products. But now, whether to sell mobile phones is not the most important indicator for channel operators.

With the upgrading of consumption and the changes of market environment, the domestic replacement cycle has been extended from 12 months to 18 months to 24 months. For mobile phone manufacturers, not only products and channels, but also the quality of service will directly affect the brand loyalty of users. How to unify the service from top to bottom is imperative.

For oppo, at present, the number of its nationwide shopping guides is more than 70000, almost all over Chinas urban and rural markets. However, if only stay in the buy and sell relationship, these 70000 people are obviously too saturated in the current mobile phone market environment. However, if it is cut off on a large scale, it will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the brand and market share of oppo.

More importantly, within oppo, the value of shopping guides is still affirmed by executives and agents. In the past year, it has become one of the key points of oppo channel reform in the past year to carry out standardized training for shopping guides and train them to become consultants for consumers to purchase machines.

Mith is an example. Behind its consultant identity change, it carries more diverse needs of consumers.

As a senior shopping guide in Chenxi store in Huaihua City, Hunan Province, Miss met a deaf customer by chance. Due to the difficulty in listening and speaking, the customer did not understand the new functions of the mobile phone smoothly. In the past, such customers were not the main consumer group of major mobile phone manufacturers.

But in the next few hours, mith took out a book, took out a pen and paper drawing, taught him how to send text messages, write wechat, take photos, each step marked with an icon. In this way, this customer not only became a regular customer of Mies, but also all the hearing-impaired people around him became oppo users. There are also some older users who are not proficient in using their mobile phones and cant log in via wechat. They will also come to oppo stores for help.

In addition, some problems cant be solved on the spot. These shopping guides will come to find out the situation, download songs, download videos, charge phone bills, Download opera apps, and even help customers repair WiFi after sales. As long as they can do so, they will do it.

An oppo after-sales staff in Hunan told reporters that some old people sent some eggs the next day after maintenance to express their gratitude. Although they did not say so, both sides felt respect. During the epidemic, Liu Liping told reporters that more than 100 mobile phones could be sold in a month, and the monthly income of 7000 yuan was twice the local average wage. Liu Liping also played micro-blog during the epidemic, and began to shake his voice, and operated private area traffic, trying tiktok new mode. Todays consumers dont change their mobile phones when they are not broken. Peoples pursuit of new technology is not so strong, but the demand is there. After buying the product, they can solve any dissatisfaction. Liu Liping said that if we maintain the four or five thousand customer resources and serve them well, we can seize the opportunity when the new wave of aircraft changes comes. Source of this article: Guo Chenqi, editor in charge of first finance and Economics_ NBJ9931

An oppo after-sales staff in Hunan told reporters that some old people sent some eggs the next day after maintenance to express their gratitude. Although they did not say so, both sides felt respect.

The current consumer phones are not bad or not, and the pursuit of new technology is not so strong, but the demand is in, and any dissatisfaction after buying the products will be solved for him. Liu said that if we maintain the 45000 customer resources and serve them well, we can seize the opportunity when the new change of aircraft comes.