Heavy player yingmi joined the fund investment advisory pilot institutions to compete in the same competition

 Heavy player yingmi joined the fund investment advisory pilot institutions to compete in the same competition

Although yingmi fund, which was approved as a pilot in December last year, appeared as its name suggests, the discussion on the Qiaoman app platform remains high. Yesterday, Android and Apple users have been able to experience the new system and functions after the upgrade by updating the app.

From the perspective of upgrading, once you sign up to become a sluggish investment advisory service user of yingmi fund, the investment advisory fee is equivalent to free: the transaction fee is deducted from the investment advisory service fee, and there is no additional expenditure, and the excess part will be returned. In addition, wait a minute will also provide automatic car following service for the investors who participate in the four money plan. Investors will no longer have to worry about missing the best trading time due to missing the trading reminder, nor do they need to do business and position adjustment in person. The automatic car following function can solve the profit deviation caused by the untimely strategic position adjustment of customers in the past. At the same time, the upgrade also adds a new strategy of Southern Dream, which can improve the efficiency and income of investors short-term investment term funds of 3 to 6 months.

Wait a minute, the company has been advocating the mode of survival of the buyers investors is to obtain the trust of users, bind with the interests of users, accompany users with professional ability, and realize the maximization of value. Through the effective integration of technical ability, investment ability and user service ability, we can create a whole process and closed-loop investment consulting service system for users.

From the perspective of development, the third-party fund sales agencies are still in the exploratory stage in terms of fund investment advisory business. The third-party fund sales agencies, which are the first to obtain the pilot qualification of fund investment advisory, have the first mover advantage under the policy dividend, and are actively developing the fund investment advisory business.

Ant financial services help you invest went online in April this year, and it was the first to enter the investment advisory battle of third-party fund sales agencies. Tengan funds joint investment also officially entered the board not long ago, cooperating with China EU fund and China Southern Fund to launch investment advisory strategy.

Alipay platform related data show that since its inception, the establishment of a longer time to help you vote has achieved some results, helped over 400 thousand users, the scale of the management of several billion yuan. In addition, as of the second quarter of this year, 70% of users have achieved positive income. Compared with the previous general fund users, the transaction frequency of help you invest users has been reduced by 40%.

In fact, the newly upgraded Qiaoman has also achieved good returns for users in the past three years. According to the relevant data of yingmi fund, as of September 2020, the proportion of slow profit users is as high as 92.8%, and the proportion of holding the long money strategy of equity fund product allocation is more than 50%.

The top third-party fund sales agencies that have not obtained the qualification of fund investment advisory pilot also cooperate with fund investment advisory pilot institutions. For example, five first batch of fund investment consulting pilot companies, such as China Southern Fund and Huaxia Fund, cooperated with Tiantian fund to obtain platform aggregation display and diversion. E fund investment advisor also cooperates with Jiyu fund.

Jiyu Fund believes that in the future, with the enhancement of the effectiveness of the stock market, with the support of the funds profit-making effect, the advisory service content of fund investment advisers will continue to improve, and the fund investment advisers will be gradually accepted by customers, helping the rapid development of the industry. Jiyu fund is very optimistic about the development prospect of fund investment advisory business, and it is estimated that the market scale in the future can reach more than 100 billion yuan.

Source: Ren Hui, editor in charge of Shanghai Securities News_ NBJ9607