Vaccine stocks tumbled again, many stocks fell to limit, and Zhang Jianping, a hot money tycoon, ran away

 Vaccine stocks tumbled again, many stocks fell to limit, and Zhang Jianping, a hot money tycoon, ran away

Judging from the dragon and tiger list of Zhengchuan shares, what is quite different from yesterday is that the Lhasa Business Department of Dongfang fortune disappeared from the buyer. It can be seen that the continuous drop limit has greatly hit the enthusiasm of retail investors, and hot money chooses to buy against the trend after continuous adjustment.

In the aspect of Weiming medicine, it is still the pattern of individual investors game. Among the total 10 seats on the dragon and tiger list, the Lhasa Business Department of Oriental Fortune occupies six seats, and there is no more common hot money seat. On the evening of October 19, Weiming pharmaceutical said in its reply letter that Beijing Kexing, a joint-stock company, had not yet received an effective reply from Beijing Kexing on its participation in the Sino Uygur cooperative development and development of new crown vaccine.

According to a number of media reports, Zhejiang has uniformly ordered a new crown vaccine from Kexing Zhongwei. There is still no clear official statement on whether Beijing Kexing will participate in vaccine production. 1globe, a major shareholder in the US stock company, recently accepted the settlement proposal proposed by the US SEC in an attempt to promote the resumption of the company. Due to the long-standing dispute over the control right of Kexing biological, its trading was suspended for a long time, which missed the opportunity of performance in the capital market.

On the other hand, the seller of Intec group had two common seats of Ningbo Sangtian road and Zhang Jianping, which sold 10.9849 million yuan and 8.7401 million yuan respectively. There are three suppliers of Dongfang finance Lhasa business department.

According to the analysis of institutional investors, the general rising market of the vaccine sector is coming to an end. From the perspective of R & D progress, only a few listed companies such as kangxinuo are expected to benefit from the launch of Xinguan vaccine. The time point for institutional funds to group together to defend the vaccine plate has passed. From the perspective of recent market performance, hot money is dumping chips to retail investors in the final stage of speculation, even though the market is still in its final stage The recent rebound in the vaccine plate, has also reached the fish tail stage of the market.

Source: interface news editor: Yang Qian_ NF4425