Apply for bankruptcy reorganization! Wang Han and Liu Guoliangs 100 billion P2P accident

 Apply for bankruptcy reorganization! Wang Han and Liu Guoliangs 100 billion P2P accident

Aiqianjin platform was put on file for investigation on suspicion of illegally absorbing public deposits

In September this year, Dongcheng Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau filed a case against aiqianjin (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (platform: aiqianjin) for illegal absorption of public deposits.

According to the circular, in order to recover the funds involved, Dongcheng Public Security Bureau, together with Dongcheng District financial office, recently carried out recovery work on the real borrowers involved in the case, such as Qianzhan, Fanpu credit, Xiaofan installment, Inclusive Finance.

According to the circular, all borrowers of the above-mentioned borrowing platform must fulfill their repayment obligations in accordance with the contract, so as to avoid serious impact on their own credit or be investigated for corresponding legal liabilities. Including, but not limited to, the list of dishonest people in the peoples Bank credit reporting system, freezing Alipay, WeChat, bank accounts, sealing up the assets of the real estate, vehicles and other assets accumulated over 230 billion, overdue more than 420 thousand.

According to the official website data of aiqian, aiqian Jin is a network lending information intermediary platform of Shanghai rongdigital Network Technology Co., Ltd. and launched on May 6th, 2014, and has been in operation for 6 years. In recent years, the total matching transactions have exceeded 234billion yuan.

From the official website of aiqianjin, up to now, the platform is still in operation. The deadline for data disclosure on the official website of the platform is October 23, 2020, and the deadline for the subject matter of loan is September 30, 2020, and the loan balance is still 18.9 billion.

Compared with the 19.7 billion loan balance disclosed as of August 31, only 800 million was reduced in one month.

From the perspective of overdue situation, as of September 30, 2020, there were 426000 overdue transactions, and the current loan balance was 1.523 million, with the project overdue rate of 27.98%; the overdue amount was 8.265 billion yuan, and the disclosed overdue amount rate was 40.39%; and the amount overdue for more than 90 days was 7.12 billion yuan.

The overdue amount is more than 360 million in 2020, with an increase of 342 million in the number of overdue days.

According to the data of China Internet Finance Association, from June to July this year, the overdue loan rates of aiqianjin were 32.92% and 36.70% respectively, and rose to 40.39% in September. With such a large amount of overdue loans, the companys collection pressure has greatly increased, and it is expected that it will increase in the next step.

Spokesmen Wang Han and Liu Guoliang apologized

On July 1 of this year, Wang Han, a famous host of Hunan Satellite TV, appeared on the microblog hot search because of the difficulty in withdrawing cash from the love money in app he spoke for.

At the same time, many netizens who said that they were cheated said on various platforms that they had seen Wang Hans advertisement at that time. They believed that Wang Han put money in the financial products related to the matter, and stressed that Wang Han should be responsible for this matter.

On July 2, Wang Hans team responded through the media: it is distressed that the majority of users encounter difficulties in cashing! The endorsement has ended by the end of 2018. Wang Han and his team have been working with relevant departments to urge the platform to solve problems, hoping to help reduce losses. Later, Wang Han issued a signed statement, saying that he and his lawyer team would actively follow up the matter and face it together with everyone.

Liu Guoliang said that he felt very anxious and distressed after learning about the problems reported by netizens and platform users, and had urged the platform to solve these problems as soon as possible and properly.

The wealth of every citizen should be protected by law.. Liu Guoliang stressed that he would closely monitor and follow up the matter with the lawyer team and studio, and actively communicate with the platform, government regulatory authorities and judicial departments as much as possible, and actively promote the development of the situation in a legal and compliance manner with everyone.

There are only 6 P2P companies in operation in China

Liang Tao, vice chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said at the annual meeting of the 2020 Financial Street Forum on the morning of October 22 that the situation of Internet financial risks had fundamentally improved. The number of P2P and online lending institutions in operation nationwide had dropped from 5000 during the peak period to 6 at the end of September, and the scale of loans and the number of participants declined for 27 consecutive months.

According to the data, as of August 2020, the number of online lending institutions in operation nationwide was 15, which was 99% lower than that at the beginning of 2019, the loan balance decreased by 84%, the number of borrowers decreased by 88%, and the number of borrowers decreased by 73%. The number of online lending institutions, loan scale and number of participants declined for 26 consecutive months.

Liang Tao pointed out that the grey rhinoceros, which threatened financial security, was under control. In the first three quarters, the proportion of new real estate loans in the total new loans decreased by 3.7 percentage points compared with the same period last year. With the help of local governments to resolve hidden debts, bancassurance institutions have increased their holdings of local bonds by 11 trillion yuan in the past three years. In novel coronavirus pneumonia, this year, in response to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the CIRC promptly introduced relief measures, early planning to cope with the risk of a rebound, closely monitoring and preventing external risk shocks, and effectively preventing major financial risks caused by public health emergencies.

Liang Tao said that in promoting high-quality economic development, we should guard against and resolve financial risks, adhere to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, smooth the credit transmission mechanism, strengthen financial support for weak links such as major national strategies, major fields and Inclusive Finance, give better play to the role of policy-based financial countercyclical regulation, actively cultivate institutional investors such as financial management, insurance and trust, and promote investment The healthy development of this market will promote the stability of macro-economy and support the stability of financial economy.

Liang Tao said that in the next step, the CIRC will unswervingly fight the battle of preventing and resolving financial risks, comprehensively strengthen the partys leadership and Party building in the financial system, promote the improvement of corporate governance mechanism, seize the main contradictions of financial stability, prevent the rebound of shadow banks, increase the handling of non-performing loans, crack down on illegal financial activities, and deepen the reform and resolution of small and medium-sized banks Risk, guard against abnormal fluctuations in the financial market, strengthen financial anti-corruption efforts, and severely crack down on the interests and ties behind the risks. Editor sun Zhicheng, Xiao Yong, Wang Jiaqi proofread by Lu Xiangyong daily economic news? Will the future accelerate? Foreign exchange bureau responds to heavy burden! Four ministries and commissions release a package of financial policy dividends: the storm of Shaoxing town governments demolition project_ NF4368

Editor: Sun Zhicheng, Xiao Yong, Wang Jiaqi

Proofread by Lu Xiangyong