US stocks Anti Ballistic index up 0.54percent radcivir becomes the first new crown drug in the US

 US stocks Anti Ballistic index up 0.54percent radcivir becomes the first new crown drug in the US

U.S. stocks rose across the board on Thursday as House Speaker Nancy Pelosis latest statement on fiscal stimulus talks boosted market sentiment. As of the close, the Dow rose 152.84 points, or 0.54%, to 28363.66, the NASDAQ rose 0.19% to 11506.01, and the S & P 500 index rose 0.52% to 3453.59.

Market Overview

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that the new fiscal stimulus plan is close at hand.. If we do not make progress, I will not continue to participate in the dialogue, I believe both sides hope to reach an agreement. She said. However, the differences cannot be ignored. Pelosi said the two sides have not reached consensus on some key issues, including state and local aid funding. She also warned that it may take some time for legislators to actually draft and vote on any aid bill.

Data from the U.S. Department of labor showed that 787000 new jobless claims in the United States last week, the lowest level since the end of March this year. The number of people who continued to apply for unemployment benefits recorded 8.383 million, a fourth consecutive week of decline, which was less than 10 million for the first time since the end of March. Rubeela Farooqi, chief economist at high frequency economics, pointed out that although the labor market has recovered, it is still under pressure, and jobs continue to face permanent damage from the new crown epidemic.

The real estate market continues to heat up. NAR, the association of real estate brokers, said that thanks to the historically low mortgage interest rates, the total number of existing home sales in the United States recorded an annualized total of 6.54 million in September, the highest level since May 2006. Due to the limited supply of unsold homes, the median price of existing homes rose 14.8% from a year earlier to $311800, a record high.

In terms of stocks, thanks to the 10-year US bond yield rebounding to a four month high, bank stocks were the top gainers, with JPMorgan Chase up 3.5%, Morgan Stanley up 2.8% and Citigroup up 2.6%.

Coca Cola rose 1.4%. The companys revenue in the third quarter fell 9% to $8.7 billion. The market expected $8.36 billion. The drop in endogenous sales improved to 6% from 26% in the second quarter. The EPS per share was $0.55 and the market was expected to be $0.46.

Intel once fell more than 10% after hours. The companys revenue in the third quarter was 18.33 billion US dollars, with an expected US $18.25 billion, and EPS 1.11 per share, in line with expectations. However, the companys data center business revenue was $5.91 billion, down 7% year-on-year, lower than the markets expected $6.21 billion. The company said sales to enterprises and government were weak compared with the previous two quarters.

In terms of China capital stocks, Tencent music rose 2.2%, Alibaba fell 0.6%, Jingdong fell 1.6%, and pinduoduo fell 2.7%. New energy vehicle companies were mixed, with Xiaopeng motor up 2.0%, Weilai down 1.7%, and ideal car down 2.1%.

FDA approved redcivir for new crown treatment

The FDA approved the novel coronavirus pneumonia Reeds new drug application on Thursday. It can be used as a new drug for treating new crown pneumonia and is the first and only officially approved new drug in the United States. By this boost, Gilead scientific plate after a rush super 4%.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was approved by FDA in May this year, allowing hospitals to give new crown pneumonia inpatients. A series of clinical studies have found that, compared with placebo, radcivir can shorten the recovery time of patients and delay the deterioration of patients who need oxygen inhalation. U.S. President trump also used radcivir after testing positive for the virus earlier this month.

Other markets

The international oil price stabilized and rebounded, and the US unemployment insurance data showed signs of economic recovery, boosting the energy demand outlook. WTI crude oil contract rose 1.4% to US $40.64/barrel, while Brent crude oil contract rose 2.2% to US $42.64/barrel. In the latest research report, Goldman Sachs significantly raised the oil price outlook for next year. It is expected that the average price of Brent crude oil will rise to $59.4/barrel from $43.9/barrel this year, and the average price of WTI crude oil will rise to $55.9/barrel from $40.1 this year.

European stock markets were divided, with the pan European Stoxx 600 index down 0.14% to 360.27, the UK FTSE 100 index up 0.16% to 5785.65, Germanys DAX30 index down 0.12% to 12543.06, and Frances CAC40 index fell 0.05% to 4851.38.

In terms of data, German consumer confidence declined, with the GfK 1 forward-looking index in January falling to - 3.1 from 1.7 in October. The novel coronavirus pneumonia in Germany and Italy has been on the high side, adding to the worries of investors in reopening the blockade.

Redcivir is the first new crown treatment drug approved in the United States