Who did not like a few scum when young, since like, should put down!

 Who did not like a few scum when young, since like, should put down!

My answer is not necessarily the most correct, but I will be most responsible for everyones help

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Fans ask for help:

I am now a junior, a period of time ago made a boyfriend, he is older than me, is now a graduate student, we know through the game, national day meet.

I like him very much because I am a junior college student. In fact, I always feel inferior to my education background,

Then he did not look down on me because of my education background. I was trying to transfer my book. He always encouraged and supported me.

We had a good time, talking about planning, talking about the future, talking about dreams, until that day, I flipped his cell phone.

I saw him chatting with his ex girlfriend, who had been with him for four years. Before he was with me, he said he had put down his mind and I believed it.

But that day I saw that they had a very ambiguous conversation (his ex girlfriend had been waiting for him), and then I got angry and left.

Then we had a big fight, and then he apologized. I liked him very much and I forgave him.

Then the National Day holiday, that is, last week, we had a good relationship, last weekend he came to my side (we were in different places).

It was very good at first, but then I couldnt control myself and looked at his cell phone again.

I found out he had a fight with me last time. After I went back to school, he went to his ex girlfriends city to find her.

I was very angry, and then I used his QQ to send a dynamic, which was the photos of the two of us

Then he and his ex girlfriends mutual friends scolded him under the comments, which made him extremely intolerable.

Because some of them have known from high school and had deep feelings before.

These two days, he told me that he wanted to return to single, said he didnt want to fall in love, and then I like him very much, I couldnt give up.

I know I deserve it. If its more serious, hes been out of his way twice,

But I still cant control myself to like him, I also hate this kind of self.

I was abandoned when I was a child. My parents didnt want me when they discussed divorce. So I was always afraid that others would leave me. I depended on him.

My fathers domestic violence, I was beaten in high school, college I go home once a year, do not want to stay at home a few days.

Maybe he gave me some love like my father sometimes, which led me to rely on him.

I didnt like a person so seriously. Im so tangled.

I will take the test in April next year. This exam is very important for me, but I cant learn anything in this state.

Because I feel that the people who understand my spirit and encourage me are gone. I dont know how to work hard.

Hes excellent and Ive been learning from him.

In fact, I know that it is clearly his fault that I should not look at his mobile phone and use his mobile phone to send news.

But now I always feel all the wrong, like, but I, I hate this feeling, I cant put him down, Im so ambivalent and confused.

Wang Chai, I think you can see these things more clearly than I do. Please tell me what I should do.


Dont you have a little bit of self-determination and rational judgment?

For you, a good person can do whatever you want?

I can tell you responsibly that his love for you is just a necessary warm routine for slag man.

Let you think he is gentle and considerate, reliable and has the power of a boyfriend, but some details are the least deceptive.

Youve forgiven him for having an affair with his ex, but he still doesnt understand. The prodigal son still meets his ex again,

The key is that he took the initiative to go to his predecessor, not the former.

Whats more, he doesnt even bother to delete the information from his predecessor and is not afraid to be discovered by you.

Show you a little gentle, you want love and sweetness, but any boy who has a little experience of seducing girls can give it, and the gun can hit it.

But you dont have the right to get involved in his private life, just like when you sent your photos.

His first reaction was not to admit his mistake, but to feel that he had violated his bottom line,

So he broke up with you on the pretext of being scolded and wanting to be single again.

In fact, its obvious that he didnt let go of his ex, and its very likely that he did something sorry for his ex.

Otherwise, if they had broken up peacefully and had common friends rather than girlfriends, why would they have called him a swarm?

Some facts scene you have to rational point to see, do not be led by the inner desire of the nose, or you will easily become someone elses doll.

Whats more, you were raped by your father when you were a child, so you will become more timid in the face of problems, and it is easy to think of the responsibility on yourself.

I tell you, look at the other half of the mobile phone has never been wrong, dare to say love me, you have to dare to be frank with me.

Its not a state secret officer. I dont understand the mobile phone information. I dare not give it to someone who says love?

99% of the people who always have to respect their privacy and their lovers need space are ghosts in their hearts.

Just like your boyfriend, the result of watching the mobile phone is that he betrayed you, which is the so-called respect for personal privacy?

I dont know if you can listen to me, but I just want to say that he is not the one who understands your spirit.

You can see that he is just a man with high EQ, who knows how to understand the inner needs of different girls.

Stop loss in time, dont be cheap, lack of fatherly love is a reality, dont be affected and misled by the illusion.

In love, what you want is a love worthy of your hand in hand in the future, not father love. You can make a clear distinction between the two.

Fathers love is to treat you as a princess and give you unlimited tolerance, although it will also give you tolerance and love,

But real love is more often like your life partner, is a kind of mutual company.

Girl, you are a junior adult. Please give yourself a slap and be sober. Dont be silly.

Dont blame me for my heavy tone. Im really annoyed to see that you are still so stupid in your thinking and mind.

If you think Im too self righteous, you can shut me down and do whatever you want.

And what I want to say later, I need you to make up your mind after listening. If you cant, you dont need to consult me again. I cant help you.

You should be clear that you want to be excellent, it should be your own pursuit, do not have to be urged to encourage you to become excellent.

You need to feel your heart clearly, to think about what you want and what you are trying to achieve.

Just as you are promoted to college, its your personal business. Dont force yourself to fight for who you deserve.

His efforts and efforts will be meaningless, or you will lose the result.

At the same time, dont feel inferior to each other because of their education background. When will the higher education level be superior to others?

Whats more, he is just a graduate student. Now there are many graduate students. Ill be frank with you,

Now the domestic education is more and more commercialized, and the gold content is really getting lower and lower.

So, in the future, learn to be mature and treat your life. Any effort can be for someone,

But never just for someone, any effort without a for yourself, this effort is meaningless.

In the end, its not that insisting on liking him is meaningless, but that his conduct is obviously not worth your liking.

If you dont know how to force yourself to let go of this kind of person, especially if he cant make a decision when he turns back.

Do you think you can really be loved and cherished?

Or to think from another angle, do you think that when you meet a boy like you now, can you find the charm from him that you can cherish with your heart?

Who didnt like a few scum when you were young, you already like it, its time to put it down!