Extremely rabbit express network construction is weak to change rub net? Express company says unbearable

 Extremely rabbit express network construction is weak to change rub net? Express company says unbearable

Its like a stranger coming into your house, picking up a bowl and sitting down to eat. This kind of behavior is obviously digging up the wall and hitchhiking, which disturbs the basic order of express delivery. An insider of an express company said that the express network has been established through hard operation for more than ten years, and each has its own corresponding operation standards and requirements. The relevant competent departments also have corresponding management standards for the express network. As a matter of fact, it is a kind of commercial encroachment that Jitu cant quickly build a network by itself, so it takes advantage of other peoples network.

Different from the high concentration of express enterprises in the United States and Japan, Chinas express market is fully competitive, with hundreds of large and small express companies. Jitu express, founded in Southeast Asia, entered the Chinese market in March this year. At this time, Chinas express delivery industry has formed a sound and competitive package network.

The source said that in order to grab a piece of cake in the white hot competition, the rabbit express took a radical price strategy. With an average price of more than 1 yuan per ticket, the company bears tens of millions of losses every day to burn money. As the express recruits who have a lot to do with pinduoduo, radical subsidies have been handed down in one continuous line. As a result, the funds of franchisees have gradually bottomed out, the network has not yet started to fall into chaos, service can not be guaranteed, and consumer complaints are high.

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