If a person has this kind of performance, he doesnt like you so much

 If a person has this kind of performance, he doesnt like you so much


Carrie has recently made a new boyfriend.

They say Carries boyfriend doesnt love her.

But just after last weeks party, I had a different view, and I finally began to understand why my friends had such deep prejudice about her and Matthew.

That day, Jiali came late because she worked overtime. I sat opposite Matthew and naturally chatted. When talking about Jiali, he kept boasting that she was good-looking and sensible.

When she arrived, she trotted over. The whole person looked very dusty. As soon as she sat down, she leaned on Ma Xiu and got rid of a little woman in love.

At this time, Matthew was a little strange. In the winter of Sydney, he pushed carrie out a little to show her not to get too close. He said it was very hot.

After dinner, they strolled around the mall. When they passed a window, Matthew pulled Carrie and said excitedly:

Baby, would you like to go in and have a look? I think this dress is very suitable for you. Go in and try it?

Carries face was full of tiredness, and she was obviously not in the mood to try on her clothes

Try it another day. Im so tired. The skirt is so slim that I have to tuck in.

After that, she waved her hand. Matthews face was no longer right now. Carrie took his hand as soon as she saw it. Both of them walked in front of her and did not talk much.

What are you wearing today? I dont know what to do with my big cotton padded jacket and snow boots, just like a village girl.

Carrie didnt speak at first, but then she said something insistently

I just came from the company and didnt have time Whats more, its very cold on this day. Are you dressed like this?

Matthew didnt answer. He looked angry.

After a while, we saw Carrie was very tired, Matthews mood was not very high, and we were also very embarrassed. So the plan for the second half had to be shelved, so we suggested that we should go back to have a rest early when we finished here.


Not long after returning home in the evening, Jiali found me on wechat and said as soon as she came up:

They all said Matthew was bad, dont you think? You are most qualified to say that you usually write a lot of these things.

Instead of answering her first, I asked her if Matthew was angry at night and why?

Carrie didnt hide it. She just said it.

She said that Matthew was more concerned about her usual dress, and he would not be happy to go out if she wore ordinary clothes. She said that she could understand this, because everyone has a love for beauty.

But the reason why she asked me that question was not because of this, but because they had a big fight just after they got home

They all say Matthew is a bit selfish, but I think hes just a little bit more self-centered.

After working for 12 hours in a row, she drove the night train home for more than an hour (Matthew drank wine and didnt drive). When she got home, she was so tired that she fell asleep on the sofa. But before half an hours sleep, she was woken up by him

Can you tidy up the room? Its dirty. Im so tired after a days work that I have to look at such a disgusting thing when I get home. I really take it.

At that time, because she was too tired, her mood naturally came up, and she said in a bad voice:

Ive been working all day, too.

But Matthew said without thinking:

Do you have my hard work? If you stay in the office, I have to run out. I didnt force you to take it back.

Then she slammed the door and locked it, leaving Carrie standing in the living room alone.

Thats why she came to me to ask me that question. There are many quarrels between them because of this kind of similar reason on weekdays.

She said that she had seriously thought about it. She did have something wrong with her. He worked hard indeed. She did not think about this very well. So she went into the room to clean up before she came to see me and apologized, and the two made up like this.

But you also work hard. The thing is not to compare who is more hardworking between two people, but whether they can think in different places. You will, but he will not.

I answered her:

I dont think he loves you as much as you do.


The reason why love and love in the world makes people worry and worries is that it is just a problem to measure whether the person you love as much as you can.

But if a person is not enough to love you, you only need to see in daily life, he will transpose thinking is enough, because love will produce respect, will think for each other, willing to transpose thinking.

Carrie is not willing to go in to try on clothes. Matthew is angry because he dislikes Carries ordinary clothes today. He doesnt take into account his face and vanity. However, he doesnt consider whether she is tired after a busy day and whether she is warm in the winter.

But when Carrie saw him wearing a thin coat and shirt, the first thing she asked was whether he was cold.

And because of the small matter of cleaning up the house and quarreling, its not hard to see that he cares only that he has been tired for a day, but he doesnt think that Carrie has been tired all day.

If he could, he might not lose sight of Carries tiredness, drink during meals, drive her tired, wake her up after she died, and accuse her of not cleaning up the house. He would not easily say, do you have my hard work? Here comes the word.

If two people really love each other, they dont need everything to be perfect, because everyone has different circumstances, different moods, different personalities and different temperaments, so it is impossible to ask for perfection.

But true love, at least most of the time will stand in the other sides point of view to consider the problem, empathy may be difficult, but transposition thinking is really indispensable.

Each of us is actually selfish, but love will also make people become different, become less self.

Because your heart is no longer a person, but the fusion and intertwined of two souls, each others joy and anger, a sad and happy, all affect your heart, you cant do not care.