The worst relationship with the opposite sex is that it is too realistic

 The worst relationship with the opposite sex is that it is too realistic

In fact, only those men with strong vanity and self-confidence need to get a sense of value by attacking their girlfriends and belittling their girlfriends.

He asked me not to weigh more than 90 Jin, and said that I had a big face and asked me to have plastic surgery.

I was once in a state of self doubt and was not confident in myself.

Am I really so worthless? No.

Im a cheeky melon seed face. My weight is a healthy weight. He is a fat man of 180 Jin. He is lazy and sloppy.

Once upon a time, I felt very inferior. I felt ugly, fat and incompetent. I was afraid to communicate with others. He said that I had two minds.

Let our relationship completely break, is because something happened in my family, it is also a long time to see the people.

At that time, my grandmother died of illness, I went home to help take care of her.

Originally, he hoped that he would go back with me, but he refused and said, we are not married yet. Its not lucky for me to attend the funeral..

When I came back from the funeral, he said coldly on my first face: why dont you make up? So ugly

At that time, I had just finished the funeral, hardly slept for three days, kept vigil every day, and almost collapsed.

Probably because I lost the one who loved me and couldnt see anyone continue to sprinkle salt on his wound.

I began to think: when I was most sad, he couldnt even understand me and made it worse. Why would I want such a man to be a boyfriend?

Its not easy to break up after three years together.

After hesitating for a long time, I got up the courage to break up with him. He even threatened me and said: if you leave me, you cant find a better man than me. Dont be unkind.

I dont believe it. Ill bet on it. I cant help him.

Seeing that I was determined to break up, he immediately changed his attitude, knelt down to pray for my forgiveness, and bought a ring to propose to me.

After the break-up of that time, I did not have a good time, because he PUA for a long time, has lost confidence in himself.

My good friend heard that I had broken up and came to see me from another city and said that he wanted to find me to relax.

From a good friends mouth, I know: I look very beautiful, good-looking facial features, not as my ex boyfriend said.

Its also strange that after leaving the scum man, there are many men with excellent conditions chasing me.

Later, I met my husband, he was very fond of me, very attentive, he always said: meet me is really lucky.

In his body, I just feel the beauty of love for the first time. It turns out that the people who really like you and love you will not mind your small shortcomings. He will appreciate your advantages and you will also get resonance in your soul.

After a while, we were very satisfied with our parents.

Its really sad to think about it. Ive been with my scum ex for three years. Ive never met his family, and he seldom talks about our relationship in the circle of friends.

How lucky, I met a person who loved me deeply.

Whenever I do a good job, he always gives me affirmation and praises me for doing a good job.

Even if some things I didnt do so well, he would guide me slowly from the side and tell me how to do better.

In getting along with each other, we see each others advantages, but also contain each others shortcomings.

I will be promoted to be a mother in a week. I believe our life will be better and better.

Here, I want to tell all the girls like me:

You are all beautiful and unique. There will always be someone who will love you. If not, we will love ourselves!

If you meet a man who is always hitting you and makes you feel insecure, he is not a good match.

Couples and partners should nourish each other and grow up hand in hand.

The significance of marriage is not only to let us have a home, but also to make each others life fuller and realize the value that one cannot realize.


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