Dont worry about the past, just smile for the rest of your life

 Dont worry about the past, just smile for the rest of your life

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Love doesnt disappear, but it shifts.

People are very contradictory creatures. They are eager to be cherished, but they build a wall to protect themselves.

If there is a good feeling, it is like, if this good feeling can stand the test, it is love.

-- Li Gongjun

The most important thing of every day is to sleep well and feel good. Everything will be good.

Dont worry about the past, just smile for the rest of your life.

People live a lifetime, there are many things worth loving. Dont be discouraged because of one dissatisfaction.

Life by Lu Yao

Its not something that breaks me most. Its that you know that I care about something, but you always have a very indifferent attitude.

Shampoo to see the person, because you are sure you love him, do not wash the hair to see the person, is because you are sure that he loves you, hope you do not wash your hair, see the same person.

In this bizarre world, no one can live a smooth life. But I always believe that people who have gone through the misty rain of Pinghu Lake, the mountains and rivers of years, who have experienced the doom and tasted all kinds of flavors, will be more vivid and clean.

Recently, Xiaoman and her boyfriend had a cold war again. They had been together for five years. The frequency of quarrels made her feel that her feelings were being rapidly consumed. She became more and more insecure and did not know how to face this relationship.

Love marathon is very difficult, gamble on all his fantasies about love, pay for all his youth, go and wait for an unknown. But you must understand that the person who really loves you will not make you wait too long. Such a long-distance race is worth it.

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