When dating, avoid these four pits, so that you can quickly find the right partner

 When dating, avoid these four pits, so that you can quickly find the right partner

Sure enough, I said to her, not yet. I could feel the joy on her face.

After we met, we found that it was inappropriate, and there was no follow-up.

But this is not the case.

I never think of blind date as a purposeful behavior to find a partner. Instead, I think its a way to broaden our understanding of people.

Of course, if both of them are more in tune, it would be better to be together.

If they dont fit each other, make a new friend.

But many girls are wrong when they start dating.

What problems should girls pay attention to when they go on a blind date?

1. Have a right attitude

Isnt it a bit ridiculous from an onlookers point of view?

We can understand what these girls think.

To be honest, this mentality was wrong at the beginning.

If we kiss each other, meet a boy, and imagine them as the other half of the future, we probably wont succeed.

Most people have very high requirements and standards when looking for a partner.

Take girls as an example, the other side should be over 180 in height, at least bachelors degree, annual income can not be less than tens of thousands, but also have high appearance, sunshine and humor, etc.

Most of the boys who come to the blind date usually have general conditions, because the conditions are very good, and they are basically masters.

At this time, if a girl looks at it from the perspective of her boyfriend or her partner, she is likely to fail because the other person fails to meet her partners standard.

But if we get along with one more friend, it wont be like this.

Because our standard for friends is limited to the other side can talk with themselves, good character on the line, will not pay attention to each others appearance and career.

If we use the mentality of friends to get along with each other, we will not deny each other, at least we will give each other the opportunity to understand.

Maybe if you know more, you will find that they are quite suitable and like each other.

But with the attitude of a partner, if you dont like it at the beginning, you will reject the other party 100 percent.

Even if you dont give each other the opportunity to get along with each other, how can you find out whether they are suitable for each other?

Thats why its easier to be successful with a friend than with a partner.

When we are on a blind date, we should set our mind right.

2. Value yourself correctly

Dating market is to see the conditions, often conditions are greater than love.

Many girls said: introduce me to a rich and handsome person. You should be considerate and attentive. You should also be sunny, loyal, dedicated and gentle.

Suppose there are such boys, if our own conditions are not good, why would he choose us?

Cinderella meets prince charming, and Prince Charming only loves her will appear in fairy tales.

As for real life, just think about it. It wont exist at all.

One of my colleagues I met at work was already 26 when I met her.

Listen to her: I have never been in love, and if I cant meet the object of her heart, she wont settle for marriage.

Im curious. What kind of boy will she like?

I asked her, what kind of boy do you like?

She said: the voice should be pleasant, because I am a voice control, I should be very tall, because I am not short; my appearance should also be high, and money should be good to me. Of course, we should have the same three views to be able to talk.

The difficulty is to put so many standards on one person, which is no less difficult than to buy lottery tickets.

On the contrary, my colleague has good conditions, but not to a very good level.

She is tall, fair looking, and can make money, but she has a strong personality and is not willing to show weakness.

You can see the reason why she has been single until now, because she did not have a correct assessment of herself.

But its not the same in the marriage market.

Imagine a person who has never dealt with us before. What does he rate us?

If we want to find a match for ourselves as soon as possible, we must make a correct valuation of ourselves to avoid going further and further on our own road.


3. Dont listen to all the introducers

A lot of girls, when they hear the introducer say that the other sides conditions are much better, their hearts cant stop being happy.

The result met, but was disappointed, and then secretly complained that what the introducer said was not practical at all.

Since the introducer has gone through this muddy water, she must want you to be together smoothly. Naturally, she will pick up good words from each other and pass on the merits.

If she came up and said about each others shortcomings, would we still be willing to meet? Do you still have a good impression of each other? Obviously not.

We can listen to the introducers words, but not all of them. We can only listen to half of them, and leave the rest to our own judgment.

To judge what kind of person the other party is through their own relationship with each other.

Generally, go out with him several times. If she is a girl who pays attention to details and is good at thinking, she will know whether the boy is suitable for him or not.

I remember one time when an acquaintance introduced me to someone.

She said to me: the boys family is very rich, and the people are very careful. Their parents work in the government and have great status. If you marry into his family, you dont have to worry about food and drink.

I said to her with a smile: the conditions are very good, but he looks average, isnt he tall?

Acquaintances pause to say: the stature is not too tall, the appearance is good, two people live, you ask whether he is tall or not? Can tall people serve as food?

I politely refused her.

We must not only listen to one side of the introducers words, think that all she said is true, I believe that some elements are exaggerated by the introducer.

As for how it is, we still need to observe and judge by ourselves. After all, only we know whether the clothes are comfortable or not.

4. If you like, learn to take the initiative

In many peoples ideas, when men and women get along, boys should be the active side and girls should be the passive one.

This kind of thinking hinders many people from looking for happiness, and I am no exception.

Once a good friend introduced me to a friend she knew.

To be honest, the boy is my favorite type, tall and white, and also very gentleman. During that time, we talked about speculation, basically boys took the initiative to look for me.

Later, I also thought about whether or not to take the initiative to find a boy, always let him look for me, I was not very kind.

Because I am hesitating, will I take the initiative, the other party will feel that there is no need to pay, so that they do not cherish? Then they lost each other in hesitation.

After all, we know each other through friends, not free love, always let a person take the initiative, he will certainly be tired.

Later, we contacted less and less, but I still did not take the initiative, until finally he said to his friend: our character is not suitable.

I realized that I had lost a good person by myself.

If you give me another chance, I will contact him actively. Even if the final result is the same, I will not regret it. At least I tried and tried.

Therefore, if you meet a person who has a good feeling during a blind date, the other party will not reject you. Try to actively communicate and get along with each other, and try to seize happiness and opportunities.

After all, happiness is in our own hands.


How can we recognize better boys?

We can change us both inside and outside

1. internal aspects

This aspect mainly includes our educational background, knowledge, emotional intelligence, personality, temperament and three outlooks, which are not obvious at a glance.

In order to find better boys and make them like us, we need to improve ourselves from the inside.

For example, read more and absorb more ideas and insights.

Travel more and broaden your horizons.

More reflection, can control their emotions, reflect on their own mistakes.

Of course, we should also have certain economic strength, which is internal demand.

2. External aspects

Before two people understand each other, the first thing others see is our appearance.

In other words, to some extent, appearance determines whether the other party wants to continue to get along with us.

We usually pay attention to wear, careful skin care, free time can fitness, maintain a beautiful figure, to become a delicate girl.

Blind date is a good way to get to know more friends.

What we can meet, and ultimately with us hand in hand, or depends on ourselves.

After all, forging iron still needs its own hard, and blind date needs its own advantages!

Author: Nancy, master of translation, Anhui University, through the Ministry of personnel three-level translation, in-depth research in the field of gender emotion, good at finding problems from emotion and solving problems, so that more people can realize and become better themselves.