PetroChinas former employee killed four people and killed himself father: thought he had given up

 PetroChinas former employee killed four people and killed himself father: thought he had given up

The dispute between Li Xiaofei and his former unit ended in a homicide case. On October 19, he jumped to death after killing four people, including the former unit leader.

After the case, the Xian Public Security Bureau passed the opening branch, after preliminary investigation, the suspect Lee Mou and the original unit for a long time. Behind this sentence in the circular is the report and lawsuit between Li Xiaofei and Yumen drilling company of CNPC West Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yumen drilling company) for several years.

In Li Xiaofeis report letter, he listed 10 items of violation of discipline and violation of the original unit, and claimed to have extorted 400000 yuan. However, Yumen drilling company said that the 400000 yuan was lent to Li Xiaofei for treatment of mental illness, so it appealed to the court to recover the money.

Nearly a month after the verdict of the latest lawsuit between the two sides, Li Xiaofei left the house alone. His father didnt know where he was until he saw the news of the murder the next day. Before that, he thought his son was about to put aside the years of conflict and return to normal life.

Police at the scene of the murder

He wont let me meddle in these things.

According to the announcement of the Xian Public Security Bureau, two murders in the jurisdiction of the October 19th were made by the suspect, who was the original worker of the Yumen drilling branch of China Petroleum Group western drilling engineering Co., Ltd. In the first case, two people died in the suspects former unit Zhang, and the second case caused the death of two property workers in the office rental area of the suspects original unit. Li committed suicide by jumping from a building after the crime.

The suspect in the announcement is Li Xiaofei, former worker of Yumen drilling company. He reported the companys corruption problem from 2017 and claimed that he earned 400 thousand yuan from blackmail. In the past three years, Li Xiaofeis contradictions with his former unit have been increasing.

According to a source familiar with the matter, at noon on the 19th, after the first case occurred, Li Xiaofei sent him a wechat saying that he had killed a person with photos of the crime, saying that he would either commit suicide or surrender. After that, Li Xiaofei said he would go to another Yumen drilling company. But this time he did not find it. In the picture sent by Li Xiaofei, there are two property workers lying on the ground. In the last paragraph of contact between the insider and Li Xiaofei, Li Xiaofei said, Im going to leave, and there was no news.

Li Haiping, Li Xiaofeis father, told Shenzhen times that in recent years, his son has been living with their husband, wife and grandmother. Li Haipings husband and wife work early and return late. They dont have much communication with their son. In the last year, there has been less communication.

Li Haiping revealed that at the beginning of this year, Li Xiaofei once told him not to interfere in the disputes between himself and the company. Previously, Li Haiping accompanied Li Xiaofei to report and negotiate with him on many occasions. Li Haiping speculated that some of his own words were not in place, and he messed up the things he was sure of, so he wont let me intervene in these matters any more.

On October 19, the day of the incident, Li Haiping and his wife went to work at more than 7 oclock as usual. Since then, Li Xiaofei has not returned since he went out alone, and his family has not known where he is going. It was not until the next morning that Li Haiping saw the news of his sons murder on his mobile phone. He did not understand why his son suddenly committed the murder. Before this period of time, it was quite normal.

Screen shot of Li Xiaofei receiving 400000 yuan transfer

In a letter to the higher discipline inspection and supervision department, Li Xiaofei called it a story of sliding into the abyss step by step..

In the letter, Li Xiaofei said that he first worked in the drilling team, and since 2015 he has been transferred to Urumqi headquarters as secretary. During his tenure as secretary, he has a heavy workload and works overtime almost every day until midnight. Li Haiping confirmed that at that time, his son sometimes called himself at 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 p.m., complaining that he was under great pressure at work. Li Xiaofei said in the letter that after serving as secretary, his working relationship was still attached to the drilling team, resulting in problems such as insufficient work bonus.

In December 2016, in order to ask for a bonus and apply for sick leave, Li Xiaofei found Zhang Yuxiang, the then manager and one of the victims of the homicide, to reflect on the problem, but the communication was not smooth. The idea of retaliating against these people arose, said Li Xiaofei, who had the evidence of the companys leaders violation of discipline and corruption, and decided to blackmail them.

According to Li Xiaofeis statement, at first he wanted to blackmail 1 million yuan, which was set at 800000 after negotiation between the two sides. From a screenshot released by Li Xiaofeis microblog, we can see that on April 14, 2017, his bank account received a 400000 remittance transferred from his personal account.

In his letter, Li Xiaofei, in addition to claiming that he had obtained 400000 sealing fees for extortion, also listed at least 30 problems, such as the companys leaders setting up a private Treasury, public money travel, taking bribes, concealing and falsely reporting accidents. He said that he had obtained evidence of leaders violation of rules and regulations in his working years, but there was no direct evidence for the more serious corruption problem.

Shenzhen once tried to contact a number of people involved in the report. Except one person refused to accept the interview, the rest denied the content of the report and said they did not know Li Xiaofei. The boss of one of the restaurants accused of running has become a leading high-end dining place. He said that he did not know the leaders who came to eat as mentioned in the report, and the canteen only served staff meals.

Diagnosis report of Li Xiaofei

On the one hand, Li Xiaofei continued to report, on the other hand, he received 400000 yuan from Yumen drilling company, which became the focus of continuous disputes between the two sides.

Li Haiping said that his son had wanted to settle with the company and proposed various ways to return the 400000 yuan, including deduction of future wages, but the two sides did not reach an agreement. According to relevant materials, on September 17, 2018, Li Haiping signed on Li Xiaofeis employee resignation form, and the column of financial assets section in the resignation form said: the reserve fund is in arrears of 400000, and has been notified to pay. As for the explanation in this column, Li Haiping said that he gave a verbal denial at that time, after my son reported it, it has not been verified and implemented, whether it is extortion or borrowing.

In 2018, Yumen drilling company sued Li Xiaofei for unjust enrichment and demanded that Li Xiaofei return 400000 yuan. During the period when Li Xiaofei was on the job, Li Xiaofei made up 400000 copies of the companys loan, which showed that Li Xiaofei had no intention of getting a loan from the company. The verdict of the second trial said that the 400000 involved did not conform to the legal characteristics of unjust enrichment and rejected the appeal of Yumen drilling company.

In 2019, Yumen drilling company sued Li Xiaofei again for private loan disputes. Due to the lack of evidence for Yumen drilling company to claim 400000 loan, the court also rejected the claim. On September 22 this year, the second instance of the case pronounced a judgment, and the court again rejected the appeal of Yumen drilling company. During the three years of living with his parents, Li Haiping has given Li Xiaofei more than 1000 yuan a month for living. When he needs to report or answer a lawsuit, he will give more. Li Haiping said that when hes OK, Li Xiaofei usually stays at home. He doesnt have any big expenses. Most of his living expenses are used to buy cigarettes and snacks. He cant cook. His grandmother cooks for him at noon. Li Haiping said that after the recent verdict came out, Li Xiaofei planned to apply to the court for unfreezing the provident fund. Two years ago, Li Xiaofeis provident fund has been unable to take out, I thought he had put down the dispute with the company, planning to return to life. (Li Haiping is a pseudonym in the article) reading the pornographic video of young girls by foreign teachers before EF education responded: the employment of iPhone 12 has been terminated, and the heat of its first day of sale has not decreased, and the scalpers have increased the price by 1500 yuan to collect the first chip University of Nanjing integrated circuit University. Source: Beijing Youth annual report editor in charge: Chen Hequn_ NB12679

In 2019, Yumen drilling company sued Li Xiaofei again for private loan disputes. Due to the lack of evidence for Yumen drilling company to claim 400000 loan, the court also rejected the claim. On September 22 this year, the second instance of the case pronounced a judgment, and the court again rejected the appeal of Yumen drilling company.

(Li Haiping is not his real name)