Putin: the United States cant do it, China and Germany are becoming superpowers

 Putin: the United States cant do it, China and Germany are becoming superpowers

The United States, which once enjoyed absolute dominance (internationally), now has little capital to claim American exceptionalism, he said.

In terms of economic size and political influence, China is actively moving towards the status of a superpower. Germany is moving in the same direction.

As for the upcoming U.S. general election, Putin said he hoped that the new U.S. government would be ready to start a dialogue on security and nuclear arms control issues. Last week, the United States rejected Russias proposal to extend the expiration date of the new START treaty by one year. Without further agreement, the treaty will expire in February next year.

Putin also stressed that cooperation between countries is more needed than mutual hatred during the new outbreak.

We call for the lifting of sanctions in all areas of the economy and peoples livelihood, even temporarily, on humanitarian grounds, especially on the United Nations platform.

He explained that this is not about Russia, but other countries that have been hit hard by the epidemic and lack medical resources. Hell, we can deal with it ourselves.

For those who are still waiting for Russia to slowly decline, we are only worried about one thing, which is how to avoid catching a cold at your funeral.

According to the authors of the report, the new outbreak has triggered a long-standing process of breaking the existing world order. The main line of the new world order is not the dominant position of a big country, but the struggle of power center. In the world economy, the surplus of resources will be replaced by its shortage, and the fierce competition for resources is inevitable.

Putin: China and Germany are emerging as superpowers_ NB12679

Putin: China and Germany are emerging as superpowers