The iPhone 12s high hopes for color have turned over

 The iPhone 12s high hopes for color have turned over

Some netizens make complaints about it: as a matter of fact, technology is mainly shell replacement. I really like this plastic feeling, because the idol is five people.

Many netizens also think that the blue is not ordinary ugliness, not only underwear blue, slipper blue, toilet blue, but also the blue of Pepsi Cola and the blue of Smurf

Even some netizens are hesitant to return goods because they are too grounded.

By contrast, the sea blue color of the iPhone 12pro is considered more reserved and mysterious, but still dignified. In this regard, some people believe that Apple has increased the iPhone 12 Blue saturation, highlighting the plastic texture, and forming a texture separation from the pro version, in order to achieve profit margins.

See many netizens Tucao iPhone12 blue is underwear blue, make complaints about environmental protection blue. The second brother also thought that this color matching, Joe can be angry to come back to the whole design team to open.

I have to say, there is something inside. Apple perfectly illustrates the difference between high-end and low-end.

Of course, if you want a better color, you have to buy Pro honestly. I thought I had made a lot of money, but I didnt expect that this was the beginning of paying more money.

If this happens to domestic manufacturers, cant be scolded to death?

Whats more interesting is that the domestic fruit powder is not so inclusive to apple. Some people wash the ground for apples and say that they like the color, which is in line with their temperament. You poor people who cant afford apples are sour grapes.

Lying trough, there are people to wash the ground, second brother I do not support the wall, I will serve you.

Make complaints about the color and publicity of Apple real machine. Whats wrong with consumers? You spend thousands of dollars on a product that doesnt have a headset charger, and the color is so different from the poster. People make complaints about Tucao, you cant stand it? Just because Apple products are good, and then unconditionally inclusive, racking their brains to maintain apple?

Do you have a good head? Or do you naively think that you will be paid when the apple is sold out?

A good product should be praised for its good points, but it should be criticized for its poor. It is also right to be criticized for false propaganda and misleading consumers.

Of course, apple is best at being a father to users, but the key is that there are too many brain damaged powder willing to be sons. If you dont give accessories for the sake of environmental protection, the key is that the data cable equipped is not the same as the previous standard, and the price has not dropped. Its really a game of 666!

They say that the economy is going down and everyone is short of money. But judging from Apples sales of tens of billions overnight, everyone is very rich.

The second brother thinks that, considering that each user will have several mobile phones, next year the iPhone 13 will only sell packaging boxes instead of free mobile phones, which is more environmentally friendly.