Huawei mate 40 overseas starting price rises 12.5percent, which one do you choose?

 Huawei mate 40 overseas starting price rises 12.5percent, which one do you choose?

On October 22, Huawei mate40 series global online conference was held, and four versions of mate 40, mate 40 pro, mate 40 PRO +, and mate 40 RS were unveiled.

At the press conference, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huaweis consumer business, ridiculed the newly launched Apple iPhone 12: other manufacturers have just launched 5g mobile phones, while Huawei is already the third generation 5g mobile phones. The number of transistors on the mate 40 series of Kirin 9000 chip is 30% more than that of apples A14 chip, and 5g speed is faster.

From the price point of view, the overseas price of mate 40 series models ranges from 899 to 2295 euro. Compared with last years mate 30 series, the starting price has increased by 100 euro, or 12.5%. The price of the Bank of China will not be known until October 30.

Not as popular as the iPhone 12

Since the beginning of this year, Huawei has been in a coreless dilemma, and apple is facing the uncertainty brought about by the US blocking wechat.

Who do you choose against the iPhone 12?

The iPhone 12 series has been snapped up on several e-commerce platforms since the appointment was opened on October 16. According to the science and technology innovation board daily, we learned from the channel that the iPhone 12 series had an unexpected slight rise this year. The overall premium of iPhone 12 is about 200 yuan. The iPhone 12pro512g version quoted 14000 yuan, nearly 3000 yuan higher than the official price.

Apple will ship 80 million iPhones by the end of this year, thanks to Apples more affordable pricing strategy. The research department of CICC has previously analyzed that the iPhone 12 may become the most popular iPhone in the past six years, stimulating the demand of 1 billion users to change their phones.

In contrast, according to the scientific and technological innovation board daily, according to industry chain sources, Kirin 9000 has a stock volume of about 10 million pieces, and about 10 million Huawei mobile phones (mate 40 Series) can use this chip, which may support about half a year.

In terms of the global market, IDC data shows that in the second quarter of 2020, Huawei topped the list for the first time in the world in terms of smartphone shipment, which is 18.2 million more than Apples.

However, in terms of revenue, Apples mobile phone revenue accounted for 34% in the second quarter of 2020, 14% higher than Huaweis, according to counterpoint.

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