Its exploding! Its hard to find a case of 20000 or 30000 per box. Will it rise in the future?

 Its exploding! Its hard to find a case of 20000 or 30000 per box. Will it rise in the future?

Wang Qingwei, for example, said: last time a friend of mine asked if he could help him to transport the goods out. He ordered the cargo space abroad. We mainly take the domestic booking as the standard. We will give priority to the goods that are ordered at home. If it is a foreign booking space, you can get on board if there is spare space. If not, you must dump your cargo. My customers have been dumped.

Freight index of the prosperity index of container transport enterprises

The so-called dumping, the professional saying is to dump the container, generally in the case of explosion, the shipping company will refuse to accept the surplus goods on board.

The export data of the third quarter of this year may also indirectly confirm the above phenomenon.

According to the data of the General Administration of customs, the total value of Chinas import and export reached 8.88 trillion yuan in the third quarter of this year, with a year-on-year increase of 7.5%, including 5 trillion yuan of export, 10.2% growth, and 3.88 trillion yuan of import, an increase of 4.3%. The total value of imports and exports reached a record high in the third quarter.

Chinas monthly total value of import and export over the past year (unit: US $100 million) (Note: the total value in February 2020 is accumulated from January to February)

Liu Jun (pseudonym), the head of an overseas logistics enterprise in the Yangtze River Delta, has become very busy recently. His main job is to find containers for export enterprises. Liu Jun told reporters of the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews), now there is a prominent problem in shipping: there is a lack of containers (containers). For example, after booking, there is a space to load the goods, but there is no cabinet to load. Almost every shipping company is short of cabinets now.

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Under the influence of many factors, such as the rapid increase of export freight volume and the serious shortage of containers, the shipping price has also begun to rise all the way.

Wang Qingwei told reporters that in previous years, the price of a shipping container was generally 1000-2000 US dollars. In the first half of this year, it rose to 2000-3000 US dollars, and in the second half of this year, it has risen to 3000-4000 US dollars (about 20000-27000 yuan).

China export container freight composite index

Liu Jun also said that the price of sea transportation has risen a little bit, double the price of last year. In the last week, the price of containers in some places has increased by 200-300 US dollars, or about 5% - 10%.

From the reporters interview, industry insiders generally believe that in the next few months, the situation of shipping price increase will continue.

The price of export freight in the fourth quarter is likely to rise. Wang Qingwei said that judging from the changes in the epidemic situation in foreign countries, another peak may appear in the fourth quarter of this year. India and other regions that could have supplied goods may not be able to start normal operations due to epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, for Chinese export enterprises, the consumption demand in the overseas market will not decrease, but may increase. Recently, some customers have reported that they have begun to receive orders transferred from India and other countries. This situation may even be further aggravated in the future.

I know that some orders originally belonging to third countries have begun to be transferred to China. Many of my customers have seen a significant increase in their shipment compared with the first half of the year. Liu Jun said that with the advent of Christmas, new years day and other festivals, the demand for goods in the foreign market will further increase, and in the case of limited shipping capacity, transportation prices are likely to continue to rise.

Liu Jun added that in view of the serious shortage of containers, even if shipping companies urgently purchase containers, the market also needs 2-3 months of production period, and there will still be short supply in the market in the short term. In the case of high shipping price and limited routes, it is difficult to fill the gap of transport capacity for the time being.

There was also some reaction in the stock market as demand for shipping increased significantly. After May and June of this year, the stock prices of some listed companies of shipping companies have shown an obvious upward trend.

For example, COSCOs closing price on May 22 was 3.14 yuan, which rose to 6.25 yuan last week, up 99%. Reporter Li Biao editor Chen Xu Sun Zhi Cheng Xiao Yong Wang Jiaqi proofread Cheng Peng extended reading EF education response foreign teachers involved in shooting pornographic videos of young girls: the iPhone 12 has been terminated and its popularity has not been reduced on the first day, and the price has been increased by 1500 yuan. This article is from the first chip University of Nanjing integrated circuit University Source: daily economic news editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368

For example, COSCOs closing price on May 22 was 3.14 yuan, which rose to 6.25 yuan last week, up 99%.

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Reporter Li Biao

Proofread by Cheng Peng