Scalding pregnant female cat with boiling water: its not abuse, its abnormal

 Scalding pregnant female cat with boiling water: its not abuse, its abnormal

70% of the body was burned, and the four kittens in the belly did not survive.

See what other people are doing?

The kind-hearted person stopped him and rescued the cat and sent him to the hospital;

Experts consulted overnight to save these poor lives;

Only this man has done the most inhumane thing.

Is the cat really doing something wrong, or is this man flammable and explosive?

No, its just to vent my abnormal desire.

Im a pet owner. Im really upset and angry to see this video.

Pets have always been unconditional trust and love to human beings.

But there are always people who try to be above other lives.

Last summer, I used to work undercover with a pet abuse group..

At that time, I was in an experience sharing group of cats, and someone rushed in and sent a few videos.

Its all very cruel abuse videos, knife cuts, hanging beatings, fire

Im really curious about what kind of people they are.

Will be abnormal to this degree to shoot, sell and disseminate this kind of video.

After entering the group, it was true that all kinds of abuse videos were spreading.

I click on the users Avatar in the group, and the people inside dont look so vicious.

They have students, some business people, some even engaged in education industry

This is the most terrible place --

Behind the anonymous accounts are ordinary people you cant detect.

Usually they are beside you quietly, secretly they are cruel and violent.

They have no compassion for the animals, to see their despair pain pleasure.

I didnt stay in that wechat group for a day and then reported it back.

Its crazy, cruel, inhuman

The reason why man can become the master of the world lies in his rationality.

If people are not rational, they will lose their basic morality and bottom line.

Lets talk about cat abuse.

It is true that they are all life, but the nature is different.

They cant conquer the leopard tiger which is stronger than them. They can only reach out to the weak and helpless dogs and cats.

He is a coward in his heart.

Apathy, numbness, lack of empathy.

Killing animals brings them the pleasure of self abuse, and a kind of happiness of torturing and trampling on their own humanity.

Why should we be on guard against those who abuse animals?

Anyone who has seen movies and Criminology knows that:

Many people who kill animals are antisocial, and serial killers are often indifferent to life.

Bullying the weaker animals is just the first step.

How many violent crimes have there been a history of animal abuse before committing crimes?

1. In Canada, most criminals begin by abusing animals;

2. In South Africa, 63% of criminals start with animal abuse;

3. In the United States, nearly 60% of theft and drug offenders have a history of animal abuse.

Why leave those who abuse animals?

As long as anyone is weaker than him, he will swing at each other.

When I was talking about tree holes, a girl said she was going to get married.

Every time my boyfriend quarrels, he has to break the bowl and lift the table, and then he goes to the living room to take out the golden hair.

Later, the dog was crippled by him, and his physique declined rapidly, and he died soon

I said to the girl, its better to stay away from such people.

His violent character determines that he will abuse those who dare not resist.

Theres a movie adaptation of Bob the stray cat based on real events.

James, who was addicted to drugs, sleeps in the street every day and makes a living by singing.

Until later, a stray cat appeared, accompanied him and changed his life.

These two souls, almost abandoned by the world, meet and repel.

And then we have to depend on each other and take care of each other.

Together they crossed the city fair and ran through spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Because of the company along the way, so no longer so lonely.

His tenderness to the cat made passers-by begin to repay him with kindness.

The cat became his weakness and gave him the courage to stand up.

He found his cold war father and reconciled with his past life.

Leaning on the tombstone, looking for the owners residual breath, a stay is an afternoon.

Pets can only accompany one stage of the person.

But in the twinkling of an eye, they have spent its whole life for us.

I believe all animals are spiritual.

As long as you give it a hug, it will always be good to you.

If you love you one day, I dare to love you for life.

But there are so many inequalities in the world.

Cats kindness to human beings, but in exchange for a pot of boiling water

If you have animal abusers around you, please remember --

Report it and get away from it!

Everything has a spirit. Treating life well is also treating yourself well.

You cant be noble, but at least you cant be ashamed of yourself.

Now there are many voices calling for it

Legislate as soon as possible to punish those who abuse animals.

I also believe that it will not be long before more people come forward to protect these lives.

Such a tragedy, really do not want to happen again

Those lovely animals should be treated well, not abused.

Only wish every company be cherished and every life respected.

The passing kittens can meet people who love them well in the next life.

Everything in the world has spirituality. I hope that there will be more kind people around. Those who are dirty in the dark will have retribution sooner or later. If more people read this article, less animals will be hurt.