Real Madrid abandon super burn 1v3! Its so happy to help idol bell build own coach

 Real Madrid abandon super burn 1v3! Its so happy to help idol bell build own coach

Belle: players always want to be loved and appreciated and I will give everything for the Spurs shirt

This goal, appeared in the 27th minute. On the left side of his midfield, reggielon got a cross pass from his teammates. The Spaniard first made a push on his left foot and broke out of the two mens attack. Then reggielon accelerated vertically again, completing the third breakthrough.

Reggielon sent the ball to the middle and the ball then came to bell on the right. Bells left foot outside the instep of his left foot bounced the ball to the middle, which made center back Andrade very uncomfortable to deal with. Put out your feet. Its probably oolong. If you dont stretch your feet, the Spurs players who are surrounded behind you can play empty goals. Andrade finally took a gamble and kicked the ball into his own door.

In the last season, bell only scored for Real Madrid in one game, and it is understandable that he was abandoned by zizu. But Zidane gave up regillon, but it is really incomprehensible. One of Solaris greatest achievements was the reuse of regelon and veneius. However, after Zidanes second visit to the palace, the French blindly trusted Marcello, who could not return to the peak, while regillon was completely abandoned by him. Reggielon won the UEFA Cup in Sevilla last season as an absolute force and is now sent to Spurs. Looking at Marcellos black hole level performance and regelos wonderful one-stop attack, the Madrid media cant help but sigh