He wants to write his name into the world record column

 He wants to write his name into the world record column

You have a pimple on your left face. Lets shoot on the right. Even reporters know that Wang zhouyu is a fastidious person and has a careful thought of beauty, so she actively helps her adjust the shooting angle. Wang zhouyu is the first and only person of the National Womens weightlifting team to participate in the full championship with 100% success rate.

Wang zhouyu of Hubei Province showed a strong success rate and stability in the competition of 87 kg in the National Womens weightlifting championship on October 19. He snatched 118, 123, 126 kg, and the clean and jerk 148, 155 and 160 kg. All six lifts were successful. This helped her to break the national records of 158 clean and jerk and 281 kg total score, which was originally kept by her.

Before the game, I didnt think about the record. What I wanted was to do well in the result and the success rate. After the game, Wang zhouyu said that she basically played the recent normal training level. At the end of last month, when the national team held a high-level test, I did so. First, I ensured the success rate, and then I tried to reach the standard. Wang zhouyus reaching the standard means that the National Womens weightlifting team has formulated a performance index for each player participating in the championship. The standard is basically set at the level of the world record at each level or the players best performance in history. Wang zhouyu broke his own national record and obviously reached the standard.

The overall performance of the game is OK, the success rate is guaranteed, and if you score yourself, you can score 9 points. But there may be a lack of details, and we need to pay more attention to details in the future. In life, Wang zhouyu is a detail control, and pays great attention to the quality of life. He cleans his room spotlessly and pays attention to his personal dressing. She said that in training, we should learn from ourselves in life. I should pay more attention to the details of training, because I am a rough athlete in training, and I will be more detailed in the future.

In fact, since upgrading to 87 kg last year, Wang zhouyu has been breaking his own national record. Last year, she set new records in the world championships in Pattaya and the world cup in Tianjin. For her, she has to overcome her former self in each competition. After strengthening physical training this year, Wang zhouyu is like a fish in water, and his performance has improved rapidly. This years physical fitness has been strengthened a lot, leg strength has been increased, and cardiopulmonary function has also been greatly improved. In the past, when it came to the continuous heavy lift, the cardiopulmonary ability was a little bit behind. The summer training has been training the physical fitness, the cardiopulmonary function has been improved, and the continuous test lift has also made a breakthrough

Wang zhouyus total score of 286kg in the championship is closer to the world record standard of 294kg. Because of the adjustment of the level of the Tokyo Olympic cycle, the 87 kg class is a new level. Therefore, referring to the previous results, the International Federation of womens events has formulated a world standard for athletes to have world records. At present, the three world standards of 132 snatch, 164 clean and jerk and 294 kg total score are still on the world record column, and no player can match it. I used to think that the weight of 290 kg was too much, but now I think I can reach this level. Wang zhouyu said that her training results compared with the total score of 286kg, she will continue to improve her strength. If the training is thick enough, the competition will not be empty. At present, world records are still three world standards, but I believe that one day I will be able to put my name in the world record column. (photo transferred from Xinhua News Agency)

Source: responsible editor of China Sports Daily: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651