A shoulder pad suit to achieve superior head to shoulder ratio!

 A shoulder pad suit to achieve superior head to shoulder ratio!

Classic style

Once a representative piece of powerwomen in the 1980s, it is still active in the fashion stage.

The inverted triangle shape composed of wide shoulder pads and thin waist and the male metaphor in the suit are more to enhance womens smart and capable strong atmosphere.

The emergence of shoulder pad suits has certain connection with the determination of womens status, but now it tends to feel more unrestrained.

If you want to wear a shoulder pad suit, you must remember to subtract.

For example, its easy to get started with missing pants and skirts. Its perfect to wear shoulder pads as one piece dresses with shorts or short skirts!

But this season or obediently wear boots, a little skin exposure can be, after all, in addition to beauty, warmth is also very important.

Yang Mi (image from IC)

The more simple the color and design, the more advanced the shoulder pad suit is. For example, black, khaki and white are very good to control and fashionable.

You can tie the accessories such as waistband and waist bag to the suit, which can highlight the devils figure. You can step on a pair of high-heeled shoes, so that you can be a domineering female president!

Shoulder pad suits can enhance the width and line sense of shoulders. Choosing a suit with thicker shoulder pads can modify the shoulder width for girls with narrow shoulders, which will not be loose and make the shoulder width ratio more comfortable.

But girls with thick shoulders are not suitable for suits with thick shoulder pads. However, this problem can be solved by choosing light and thin fabrics and thin dark colors.

In fact, shoulder pads are not as easy to wear as expected, and there are not a few rollovers.

Small girls should pay attention to, too large shoulder pads will not only eat the stature, but also eat the neck, unable to support is a fatal injury. Big shoulder pads will make the neck appear very short, to know that a short neck, less than half the aura..

Therefore, when choosing a shoulder pad suit, you should pay attention to the style and avoid being too big. In addition, the suit is mainly matched with a suit, and the primary and secondary items are clear. It is straightforward and fashionable to match the suit with simple basic items, which will not be out of date after a few years. Finally, it is better to use some jewelry to make the finishing touch.

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In autumn and winter, jump out of the limitations of black and white gray, and bright colors will make your look more outstanding.

Most of the styles of shoulder pad suits are over sized and have a strong sense of existence. The formula for wearing shoulder pads with the strongest sense of CP is loose on the outside and tight inside, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

For example, with pencil pants, you can choose according to the principle of thin legs to show thin, thick legs to cover the flesh. Any figure can wear a light feeling.

There is a little tip to share with sisters. If you dont fasten the button, you can make the shape look more hierarchical.

Qin LAN (image from IC)

The shoulder pad design of the shoulder pad suit can not only modify the shoulder shape and save the shoulder skater, but also appear to have a small head and a superior head to shoulder ratio.

Although the right shoulder is popular, most people have a sloping shoulder width.

The disadvantages of shoulder slip and high-low shoulder are very common. The shoulder pad design added in the suit can make the shoulder three-dimensional, straight, improve or extend the shoulder line, and perfectly hide the shortcomings of the shoulder.

Liu Yifei (image from IC)

The same color is a lazy way to wear, but also the least error prone, deeply affected by peoples favorite.

With the western trousers of the same suit with the shoulder pad suit, it is easy to create a cool and lazy handsome feeling.

Although the clothing and accessories all echo the same color system, but also pay attention to the sense of lower level. Remember that the best choice of color contrast is to highlight the waistline, so that the leg length is also high.

Shoulder pads with thousands of bird checks and stripes are more retro and casual than solid colors.

If the altitude is superior enough, the lower body with wide leg pants will be right, and the aura will rise slowly.

If you dont have enough height and want sascool temperament, you can change the shoulder pad long suit to the waist short suit, which helps to highlight the proportion of the body. However, this dress is too brave in the current temperature.

With a dress inside, it is handsome and elegant, suitable for daily wear.

If you are worried that the shoulder pad suit is too wide, choose the shoulder pad suit with large V-neck and micro profile. It can not only modify the shoulder width, but also visually elongate the neck line, which will shift attention to the neckline and let people ignore the defects of your shoulder.

The formal sense of the Striped shoulder pad suit is a little casual. It is easy to handle with blue washed jeans, which can also dilute the dull feeling of autumn and winter.

Kaia Gerber (image from IC)

The blessing of shoulder pads gives people a sense of strength and security. When this design appears on a large size loose suit, it can release more confidence charm.

This autumn and winter, cool a little bit, really good!

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