Have you ever been caught cheating in marriage? Are you still strongly supported by netizens? Shes the first actress!

 Have you ever been caught cheating in marriage? Are you still strongly supported by netizens? Shes the first actress!

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Sisters gather to eat melons!!

They walked side by side, chatting and laughing. The boy sometimes whispered in Ya Yas ear, and his behavior was very close.

Although Chen Sicheng was repeatedly exposed after marriage, he was too close to the opposite sex. But Tong Liya has never had a bad scandal. This picture of holding hands with little fresh meat has just let netizens subvert the cognition of Ya Ya.

Only from the content shown in the video, it is too difficult to make people misunderstand the truth of this move and smile. Many people speculate that it is the divorce from Chen Sicheng or Tong Liya?

In the face of a lot of rumors, Yaya was scared to send a micro blog to clarify all night. She said that she went to a friends hot pot shop to eat hot pot. She wanted to grab the order and was pushed out by the boss. It was a simple friendship, not as complicated as everyone thought.

The fans were so disappointed that they expressed their hope that the elder sister would get rid of the scum man and find a good man. This time, the fans are not serious.

With Wang Junkais younger brother in the same frame, although we cant say there is CP sense, but we cant feel the big age difference visually.

CCTV high-definition P-Free death shot of Ya Ya is also no resistance to fight, this tight face and smooth delicate skin, needless to say peers, many 20-year-old sisters are not as good as her.

Especially in the recent season change, with the sudden change of weather, you cant take off your pants and snow like District Flower. Its smooth and delicate. There are many sisters because of the season change, the skin appeared a lot of symptoms.

Seasonal skin dry water shortage, red swelling allergy?

Did the sisters arrange the flour oil recommended by the District Flower in the previous issue? Dont forget to give feedback to the flower in the comment area. Of course, as fairies, we can not only focus on the face, from head to foot is the right way to love beauty.

Although we have passed the season of exposing arms and legs, we fairies should keep our water tender and fragrant in autumn and winter, especially the sisters who have boyfriends. Its time to take off their clothes and put on body milk!

However, with so many body milk on the market, where can we choose to use it well and economically without stepping on thunder? Today, the District Flower has brought the baby a series of body milk, growing grass and pulling grass. Lets have a look

[grass planting series

Vaseline body milk (white bottle)

It is said that one bottle of Vaseline body milk, which is cheap, big bowl and easy to use, is popular among the majority of student party members and sisters.

Vaseline body milk is divided into powder (whitening), white (extra run), yellow (moisturizing) three, the most popular is the powder bottle with whitening effect.

But it didnt last long... Then there were a group of crazy weeding sisters, because they could grow hair with it! The sisters who didnt have any leg hair claimed that they had leg hair after using it.

Whatuff1fuff1f Can you grow hair with body milk? is that true?

The flower studied it carefully and added nicotinamide, lactic acid, tocopherol acetate, retinol palmitate and sunflower seed oil.

With whitening effect is the following ingredients, the main effect of these ingredients is conditioning skin and whitening, there is no promotion of hair growth effect.

If you have to say there is, it can only be nicotinamide, but the role of nicotinamide is very small. In fact, it is completely an example to use skin care products with nicotinamide ingredients, not all of them are like this.

Before you did not use whitening body milk, your skin color is dark, you will feel the hair on your legs and arms is not so obvious, but in fact it has always been.

When your skin color is slightly brighter, the color difference between hair and skin is relatively large, and body hair may become conspicuous, which is the reason why many sisters feel that they suddenly grow leg hair.

The moisturizing degree of the white bottle is the highest, and the texture is relatively thick, but it is very good to push it away. After pushing it away, there will be a thin oil film feeling.

This oil film can effectively help skin replenish moisture, lock in moisture, and protect our dry skin.

Before going to bed at night, the body is still moist and smooth the next day, and there will be no shedding pants, peeling, snow phenomenon.

The body milk with such a strong moisturizing degree is especially suitable for the sisters in the north, dry skin and desert skin. You will definitely fall in love with it

Compared with the white bottle of extra moisturizing body milk, yellow bottle will be more moisturizing, and it can be absorbed by skin immediately. Especially in this dry autumn, the skin is smooth all day

It is very suitable for the sisters of neutral and oily skin, but the sisters with dry skin may feel that the moisturizing power is not enough, so you can choose white bottle extra moisturizing


Reference price: 130RMB

Many body creams claim that they absorb in seconds. In fact, they are really greasy enough to collapse. They are greasy after they are applied to the body. Even if they wear close fitting clothes, they can stick the clothes to the body.

Its not greasy and greasy, and its hard to find a high degree of moisture for the body.

Lubriderm is a white emulsion texture. It looks thick and fluidity. But its very good. Its fast and completely absorbed.


Moistening but not heavy. The skin is moist after use. After taking a bath, wipe it on the joints, legs and heels, which are water deficient parts. It instantly feels not dry. It is very moisturizing. The key point is to replenish water. It is refreshing but not greasy. It wont feel sticky everywhere.

Because the body milk contains fruit acid ingredients, it has a skin rejuvenating effect. If you insist on using it, you can make your skin smooth and delicate.

Wipe the whole body after a few minutes to touch, really smooth to doubt whether he is a fairy!

Hacci Honey Body Milk

Reference price: 510rmb

Once fall into the fall, the skin of the flower is dried up. It is useless to wipe the body essence for two times after each bath. After ten minutes, it still feels very dry.

Hacci is the Savior of my dried skin for ten thousand years. It is definitely the best body milk that has been used by regional flower so far.

Cr: hacci

HACCI honey body milk concentrates rare and natural essential oils, giving you a thick, soft touch of premium cream.

But it doesnt need to be emulsified like the cream. Its easy to push away. It can be found that the body is very moisturizing and has no sticky feeling. It can wear pants after finishing.

Its moisturizing power and moisturizing degree is really amazing flowers, even if the day before your skin dry to red, even if there are slight cracks, as long as you wipe hacci before sleep, only! Yes! One! Time! When you get up in the morning, youll notice that all signs of dryness are gone.

If you use it for a few days in a row, you will be absolutely convinced by it. It has to be said that the effect of saving dry skin is amazing.

Of course, the price of easy-to-use things will naturally be a little higher, so it will be lost. But expensive things do not have any other shortcomings except expensive ones. Therefore, we recommend them to sisters who are not poor in money, hee hee.

Shiro body milk

Reference price: 3800 yen

Shiro is a small skin care brand in Hokkaido, Japan. It is a simple natural skin care brand without fancy packaging and exaggerated publicity.

SHIRO love Japanese natural ingredients, which are natural and simple. The ingredients are pure natural vegetable & fruit extract. This is simply in line with the Japanese concept of conservation. It must be recommended to the sensitive muscle sisters who like natural skin care.

The most popular body milk in their family is this kind of body milk. Its milky white texture, like ice cream, its easy to push away, and its moisture retention is also very good. It seems that its made for the dry and windy climate of Hokkaido.

Combined with avocado oil, nut oil and other ingredients, it can moisturize and keep skin moisture, and also make skin soft and smooth.

The body milk has six flavors, each smell is delicious, and the fragrance is not artificial. It also tastes very durable. It will turn into a very high fragrance in the end. It can be considered if you love perfume.

(PS: Although this kind of body milk is very small, the probability of buying fake products is also very high. It is not recommended for sisters to enter Bao here. You must find a reliable Japanese agent to buy it.)

Aveeno oatmeal body milk

Reference price: RMB

Aveeno oatmeal body milk is a brand from the United States. The baby body milk of their family is the most famous, but it is also very easy to use for adults. The most important thing is that it is pure natural without additives. It can be safely used by pregnant mothers.

Aveeno body milk is divided into four types according to the efficacy and fragrance. The area flower recommends sisters to start with the classic (green).

The green style is the most amazing and best used by District Flower. It is a high-quality material with natural moisturizing effect (mainly oats and soybeans). It is safe and non irritating, and the normal skin is dry. There is no problem for daily moisturizing.

The paste is very thick. When its cold, you need to rub it in the palm of your hand and then rub it on your body. Its easy to push it away.

It may be a little sticky when you just wipe it on your body, but it absorbs quickly. After a few minutes of massage, you will feel slippery when you get into the bed.

The natural oat essence has good protection and repair effect, protects and prevents dry skin, relieves dry skin itching symptoms, moisturizes UPUP, and 24 hours of high moisturizing is not really covered.

Since pregnant women can use it, it shows that its texture is quite mild, body and face can be used at the same time, sensitive muscle sister can rest assured and bold start.

This is a natural oatmeal flavor. Some sisters said that its taste was not very good. It had a smell of plastic?

But this is the taste of oat itself. Maybe some sisters cant get used to it, so those who have higher requirements on the smell should be careful.

[weeding series

Arden Green Tea Body Milk

(reasons for weeding: easily allergic, thick paste, not easy to push away, and not enough moisture in autumn and winter)

It is said to be body milk, but it is a little bit inclined to the texture of cream. Compared with other body milk, it is not very good to push away, and there will be rubbing mud phenomenon on individual sisters.

When I went home to take a bath at night, I felt slippery outside. Then I found that there was a layer of transparent wax floating on the surface of my skin, and my heart was broken.

This body milk contains a lot of preservatives. It is written on the ingredient list. Many sisters will have allergies when they use it. If you use it for several times, you will have a dense red rash on your body. The sisters of sensitive muscles will widen their eyes! Yes! Buy it!

I dont allow my sister to suffer from this kind of flesh.

Whats more, it smells too pungent. It doesnt understand why many people say it smells good. Whats more, the smell of green tea is a delicious flavor. Its not a faint green tea at all.

Ah, in short, its not recommended to start with sisters. If you dont listen to the advice, you cant do anything about it

Heart is not as good as action. Dont forget to give a big drop of watching to the District Flower when you act. You are the tender fairy who cant let go of the male ticket~