Angry James disappeared in Ugandas ogre jungle

 Angry James disappeared in Ugandas ogre jungle

In 1969, John brisk, 22, joined the Pittsburgh bagpiper team. He was a 1.96-meter-tall, small forward, and a man with a shiny dark tendons and standing in the crowd, who attracted the majority of womens eyes. In the third game of his career, Tom Washington, the injured veteran, scored 42 points and 12 rebounds when he first appeared. The rookie season was 21 points, which was the second best rookie of the year, second only to his own hair. He was later selected as the inner line of the hall of fame Spencer Haywood.

The next year, brisk was selected as the ABA all star, with a field average of 29.3 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 2.9 assists, ranking second in the League after hall of Fame center Dan ISEL. The third year, 1971-72 season, he was once again selected as an all star, averaging 28.9 points, 9.1 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game. As a comparison, the two hall of fame small forwards in Aba in the same year, Dr. J. scored 27.3 points, 15.7 rebounds, 4 assists, and Rick Barry 31.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 4.1 assists.

Brisk is the angry James.

Just how angry brisk really is was was revealed before he really set foot on the professional field. Brisk grew up on the outskirts of Detroit in the 1960s. Similar to the common story of poor peoples prosperity, a paraplegic old woman brought up their brothers and sisters, and then basketball enabled brisk to find an outlet for a poor life. Brisks childhood has been equated with Detroit basketball. In Detroit, if youre tough enough, theyll name the stadium after you.

Its just that no one has ever stipulated that you can only fight in the ring. For example, now people know that they can perform boxing on Weibo. In the 1960s, when social media was still underdeveloped, brisk didnt need to go to the ring to show his boxing skills. Brisk ruled the ABA draft training camp in 1969. After the training camp ended, several of his The main competitors need to carry out later facial repair when taking fixed makeup photos.

Find a video of brisks fight, and you can see the ferocity

After entering the ABA, brisk soon established a dual reputation for basketball and toughness in the league. Terry Bruto, who wrote a book about the history of ABA, said that the League was full of tough guys and thugs, but only two of them were real kings. One of them was Warren Jabari, a staunch black supremacist. He once hit white star Jim Jarvis to the ground with one punch and then trampled on his head. In Aba, he was punished with a 15 day suspension and a fine of $250.

Along with it is brisk. Everyone is afraid of brisk, the managers appease him, the coaches hate him, the opponents are afraid of him, even the team members are not willing to face him in training. His opponents, who had suffered from brisks old punches, had a lot of jokes about him. As long as there are two sentences that are not pleasant to hear, or he feels uncomfortable, brisk may take a gun out of his bag and point it at you.

One of the most classic cases is the first game of 1971-72 season, when Utah star team visited Pittsburgh stadium. Star player Willie wise gave brisk only four points in the first half, then before the end of the game, brisk wrestled with several Utah players.

Half a month later, it was Pittsburghs turn to visit salt lake city. The poster issued at the stadium said John brisks night of terror. They also invited five professional boxers around the stadium. Its not that anyone in our team is afraid of brix. We just want to prevent this mad dog from going out of line.

In the end, the game ended peacefully. Under the gaze of five professional boxers, brisk did not cross the line, but still played well, cutting 37 points, 14 rebounds and 4 assists, leading the team to win and then retreated.

ABA poster for brisk: the shooter

Its OK for brisk to show his sword on the court. He is also a hero off the court. In the autumn of 1971, brisk and his girlfriend watched a MLB Pittsburgh Pirates home game. At the end of the race, briskel called a taxi and then had a dispute with a man who claimed he had reserved a taxi in advance. Briskel refused to get out of the car and got into a fight with the man. Three nearby police came in time and brisk began to twist with the police while they were investigating. The result: brisk was arrested for assault, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, and two of the three police officers were taken to hospital.

In 1972, ABAs Pittsburgh team was disbanded. Brisk didnt want to join the Dallas jungle team (the predecessor of the Mavericks), so he found a lawyer and eventually jumped to the NBA to join the Seattle SuperSonics. The operation of supersonic signing brisk is also a bit of a problem, because Philadelphia got brisks contract right in 1969, but in the end, the supersonic signed brisk with a 6-year $1 million contract in spite of the Unions fine.

As a child, brisk used to drive an old Buick with Haywood and Rudy Tomjanovich, boasting to each other about playing professional basketball and driving luxury cars. Now hes really a millionaire, and hes in a long black Mercedes. Moreover, brisks love is more than sports and luxury cars. He is keen on jazz. He was a trumpeter in the schools military band for the first three years of college. Now he has money, he has set up a music bar in Seattle, often inviting other players to come to play. Sometimes brisk will personally host and perform.

But in addition to the money, brisks transfer has become a major turning point in his life. In the simplest sense, NBA is much more serious and standardized than ABA. NBA players dont eat brisks Water Margin style. They know that our league has more strict standards. Once suspended, players will be fined and suspended, and their salary during the suspension period will not be taken.

Even so, brisk has quickly become the NBAs villain. His anger can still explode at any time, of course, most of the time he plays the role of protector of his teammates. Once I had a dispute with my opponent on the court, I always knew when brisk would come to save the field, one Sonics teammate recalled. I know brisks coming just by looking at the sudden dispersal of the crowd around me and the explosion of my eyes

Talking about this, Heywood often laments: the problem may be here. In that era, if a person could not control his emotions and said that he wanted to see a psychologist, peoples reaction was often just: are you a damn fool?

The key point is that the angry brisk has no difference in attack, whether its an opponent, a police officer, or even a teammate.

For example, in a training session, Watts gave brisk a cap, and then he was beaten like a child. Watts was in a good state of mind, but he couldnt beat him anyway. He used the spiritual victory method. Once his dog started to challenge other dogs, Watts would call him brisk.

Also in September of this year, in the training camp four days before the start of the new season, brisk and team-mate 2.03 inside line jobie Wright got entangled in the basket. There are all sorts of statements about what happened next: some of the team-mates remember Wrights first shot, some said it was brisks first move. But everyone agreed on the final result: brisk broke Wrights jaw, the latter hit the floor like a bag of potatoes, four teeth flew out, and the training ground was as quiet as a crematorium, only the sound of ambulances in the distance could be heard. When it came to light, a columnist at the Seattle Post named brisk in the Seattle boxing Hall of fame.

What witnessed all this on the sidelines was Bill Russell, the new head coach and President of the Sonics. The great lord of the rings was well-informed and had many methods. He made up his mind to give brisk some color to see, so he invited NFL retired super giant, hall of fame player Jim Brown to meet brisk in training. At the age of 37, Jim Brown was 1.88 meters tall, shorter than brisk, but his weight was more than 110kg, and he had an absolute advantage over brisk who was less than 100kg. According to law, brown, who is a football running guard, has at least some advantages in terms of confrontation, agility and speed.

Russells idea is very simple. He has 11 NBA championship rings. He knows how a team wants to succeed in the NBA. What he believes in is strict discipline, continuous training and strong defense. In Russells eyes, brisk has only attack, no defense, and his explosive temper and discipline are out of the question.

In his first year in the NBA, brisks playing time dropped to 23 minutes. He was able to average 13 points, 4.6 rebounds and 2 assists per game, which is at least a qualified rotation player. But in his second year in Seattle, Russell, the new official, began to add his ideas to the team, and brisks playing time was further reduced. However, he was able to get 12.5 points and 4.2 rebounds in 20 minutes per game. Among them, he also scored 47 points and led the team to win in November 1973. However, such performance was obviously not enough to impress Russell. In 35 games, brisks performance was not enough to impress Russell After the game, brisk was relegated to the Eastern League of the NBA sub League CBA for lack of discipline and going there to learn defense..

The lower leagues obviously couldnt let brisk learn to defend. He scored 56 points in his first game of decentralization. The coach of the secondary League commented that his performance was like playing the last game of his life. However, the score is not moving Russell, after all, this is a man who has experienced Chamberlain, and the Sonics did not recall brisk again in 1973-74.

To the 1974-75 season, brisks career has not changed, he only played 21 games, averaging 7.7 points per game. Before the start of this seasons training camp, brisk almost didnt make it to the roster. Since then, he has played four times in October, one at the end of November and one more at the end of December. In the meantime, the Sonics were busy looking for a way to trade brisk, but no one wanted to take over. Brisk told the media that the team wanted to buy out the rest of his contract for half the price.

Before the game against the blazers on January 31, 1975, brisk told the media that he was injured, Im really hurt. The injured brisk scored 28 points to help the Sonics reverse in the fourth quarter. At the end of the game, the tension between him and Russell for many years has reached the verge of breaking out completely. Brisk, who tries to prove that he can still play with a game, sits in the dressing room and stares at Russell, and Russell stares at him. The matter is over here.

After that, brisk played eight more games for the sonics, and then he really played the last game of his career - perhaps the last game of his life. The Sonics fired brisk for causing a team dispute, and no other professional team was willing to take over the hot potato.

At the end of the season, with no ball to play, brisk decided to go to Africa. When he was still playing in the team, brisk was a famous African fan or root seeker in the team. He often read books and studied African history. He also liked to wear his colorful African style robes to show his cultural pride. Now he finally has time to see for himself what his love looks like. Anyway, staying in the United States will not make his mood more relaxed, and the bar will close down He owed more than $40000 in rent, taxes and insurance.

According to Heywood, I dont know whether it was in 1976 or 1977, when he had already moved to New York. Once brisk came back from Africa and stayed with him for a week. During this week, Heywood said brisk was still complaining about Russell and was planning to return to Africa. Heywood finally told his old friend what he really thought: you need to control your anger. The problem is not Russell, its you.

In order to retain brisk, Heywood even wanted to hide his passport for a time, but brisk was still unmoved. He even resented Heywoods meddling in his own life, and they parted unhappily.

In February 1978, three years after leaving the NBA, brisks second daughter was born. A month later, brisk took another plane to Africa, which was said to be doing import and export business..

No one believes in business, including brisks closest family and friends. His brother said brisk was invited to train the local basketball team by Amin, the dictator of Uganda at that time, because Amin is a keen basketball fan.;

Amin, the dictator of Uganda, has the same hobbies as brisk: basketball and boxing

Watts insisted that brisk had gone to Uganda as a mercenary to fight in the African jungle; some relatives said brisk was keen on black separatism and went to the black community with black leaders to do black business. His nephew Mark said that he had seen the riding picture sent back from Africa by his uncle and the sentence if you have money, you will travel..

On April 11 of the same year, he made a phone call to his relatives in Seattle, which was the last trace brisk left in the world.

In 1985, brisk, who had been missing for seven years, died at the age of 38. The biggest significance of the statement is to pave the way for the division of brisks legacy, which includes two young daughters, a house and a $29000 bank account.

In fact, the federal government and the FBI cant even confirm whether he actually went to Africa, let alone live or die. There are many accounts about brisks final whereabouts, and they are far apart from each other

The craziest version of the story claims that brisk joined the cult of the peoples temple, and then went to the town of Jones in Guyana, South America, to participate in the collective suicide. The reason why this seemingly irrelevant story is still possible is that the Jones massacre also happened in 1978, the year brisk disappeared.

The more reasonable story is that brisk did accept Amins invitation to go to Uganda, but after Amin was overthrown in 1979, brisk was executed by revolutionaries. The federal government and the FBI conducted an in-depth investigation from this perspective, and the results were still in vain.

In all these stories, the most consistent interpretation of brisks character is derived from his former teammates, Tom busson and waz jointly described such a story: brisk went to Uganda to work as a mercenary, and was attracted to eat together by Mr. Amin. As a result, two people quarreled at the table. Although brisk has gradually learned not to shake his fist, he still clenches his teeth and glares Its a pity that the person he glared at is not Russell or brown. Dictator Amin really has a gun hidden under the roast turkey in front of him

Many years later, the kanga drum that brisk brought back was put into the warehouse by Heywood. Heywood knew it was there, but he could never find it again.

Source: Houchang village sports team Author: Mao San responsible editor: Zhou Juntao_ NS4573