40 years later, her face hasnt changed at all?! Did you wash your face with formalin

 40 years later, her face hasnt changed at all?! Did you wash your face with formalin

The state of stars has always been the focus of public attention, especially those who have been red and faded out of sight.

Yang recently saw CoCo Lees microblog and found that there were familiar filling marks in the recent photos.

Especially under the cheek and tear ditch, although the whole face is tight and full, it still has some unnatural feeling.

But back to the 45 year old, Coco Lees state is quite OK! Even if there are some filling marks, there are no deep wrinkles in the corner of the eye.

Eh? How fat four, coco lee this how more and more and CAI Shaofen bump into the face??

The similarity between them comes from the plumpness of the apple muscle in the middle of the face and the length of the narrow mandibular branch.

Pay attention to the above and below two peoples apple muscle and chin, shape is very similar to provoke!

You know, when they were young, the looks of the two people were really unable to fight!!!

Why is that?

Think of our face as a house. The bone is steel, the soft tissue is cement and soft, and the skin is the outermost layer.

As time goes by, the soft tissue is gradually weathered and the shape of the support inside is gradually exposed. It is only when it is found that the core of the two houses with different styles is miraculously similar.

Coco Lee and Tsai Shaofen are examples of this. They also benefit from adequate facial skeletal framework and soft tissue distribution, which makes them both very old.

Compared with ten years ago, Coco Lee is quite old

Babies must not think that carrying the old is only related to whether or not to invest in the maintenance of real gold and silver, in fact, to a large extent, it is related to congenital.

To be more specific, its bone form. Today, Id like to talk to you about what kind of bone + skin is more able to withstand gravity.

Lets start with a little question

The picture below shows CoCo Lee and Kim kardashan. Can the babies get the similarities between their faces?

Lets take a question and look at the following account of sheep.

The old sheep said in the article before that the cheekbones and the square mandibular angle can hang the flesh and droop, that is to say, they can carry the old more. In fact, it is a simple load-bearing principle. The sloping surface can hold things better than the flat surface.

More in depth and more rigorous, in fact, the appropriate amount and angle of zygomatic bone and mandibular angle can carry old, but too square, that is to say, bones with too strong sense of existence tend to grow old.

For example, Wendi Deng, although she has high cheekbones and square mandible, she is not old.

When I get older, my whole face looks rough.

If the zygoma is too high and too extended, there is more soft tissue to connect the cheek and the temple.

So a lot of people look OK when theyre young. But age slightly up after the loss of soft tissue, temples, zygomatic bone around the depression.

Therefore, we can not only see the existence of zygoma and mandible.

Coco Lee and Kim kardashans facial bones are quite old textbooks

1. The fracture angle of zygoma is clear and the external expansion is very subtle.

2. The mandibular angle is narrow, but there is a definite bending angle.

In general, the angle of their cheekbones and mandibular angles is very harmonious.

And the side looks still have zygomatic arc, stereo degree is full.

Observe many cases of the baby will find that many people in the contour of the time are unable to take into account the fluency and stereo.

In pursuit of an oval face, the cheekbones and jaw corners have disappeared to almost disappear, and the 360 u00b0 is round and plump... Its not really good-looking.

For example, pan nankui, the most representative is that the cheekbones are pushed to the concave.

Considering the fluency and the three-dimensional, from the face shape, we dont choose the angle, and the big front is also fully photographed. CoCo Lee and Kardashians face have achieved this. Sheep think this is a good reference model for the outer contour of the narrow and long face.

But to be honest, Coco Lees cheekbones are a little high. Under the pressure of cheekbones, the outer corners of her eyes are raised. Its a bit like a cats eye. She is very sexy, and it happens to coincide with the current instagram face.

To sum up, the bone carries the old

There is one thing in common among the old women

Narrow and long face, less fat and tight skin. Cai Shaofen is typical of this kind of skin appearance.

If the face is flabby and there is a lot of fat on the face, it will look bloated and look rich with age. Most of the time, thin face can avoid this obvious culprit because of the lack of facial fat.