At 83, Xiang Mei is more and more tasteful as she grows older. Her dress and red scarf are elegant and leisurely, and she is very famous

 At 83, Xiang Mei is more and more tasteful as she grows older. Her dress and red scarf are elegant and leisurely, and she is very famous

Black Slim dress with red scarf, Xiangmei teacher this set of dress is dignified and beautiful.

Black itself has a sense of self-cultivation, it is very thin to wear on the body. The fabric of the suit adds a sense of massiness and looks very textured. The chiffon Tulle material on the cuff is sexy and feminine. The White Embroidered dragonfly on the dress adds delicacy to the piece, making it fashionable and not boring.

Match with the red scarf to add color sense, bright and delicate.

Small round neck design, literature and art and retro, the shirt skirt version of Zhongshan suit is dignified and atmospheric, wearing it shows intellectual temperament. And black has its own aura, serious and noble. The red scarf as a shawl on the shoulder, add elegant temperament, but also appear to wear very bright and playful.

In the use of watches as accessories to add a sense of competence, middle-aged and elderly mothers wear this, elegant and temperament.

With black velvet suit coat and black trousers, Mr. Xiang Meis suit is serious and realistic.

The black suit coat decorates the body curve, which is dignified and elegant. With the black trousers of the same color system, it looks high and thin. However, due to different materials, it has a sense of hierarchy.

The velvet material is retro and warm, and the button design on the piece adds color sense, elegant and foreign style. Then use Chiffon towel as accessories, for wearing a younger visual effect, elegant and playful.

Beige sweater with red printing scarf, Xiangmei this autumn wear lazy and noble.

Cream white sweater with gentle temperament, coarse cloth material to add lazy feeling, wear on the body, artistic playful. With red velvet printed scarf, it looks bright and aging.

The scarlet scarf is wrapped around the shoulder in the form of a shawl, which adds a sense of quantity, balance and advanced. The printing elements on the scarf add a sense of playfulness, but also weaken the impact of red, it is bright and delicate.

The black small fragrant coat with white shirt, Miss Xiang Meis autumn wear, classic, no mistake.

The small round neck black fragrance coat is dignified and elegant. The velvet material adds a sense of elegance, while the V-neckline is designed to trim the neck curve. It is foreign-style and thin. It is lined with a white shirt to form a classic black-and-white match, which is simple and error free. Pull out the sleeves of the white shirt a little bit to add a sense of fashion, it is not tight and vulgar.

Then use brooch as accessories to add color sense to the black small fragrance coat, and make it look delicate and atmospheric.

Mr. Xiang Meis black suit with high-heeled shoes has a Hong Kong flavor.

The basic suits are classic and have temperament. They are high-grade and fashionable with the same color trousers. Black suit with dark sweater and shirt, young and academic. Pair it with pointed shoes of the same color to improve the foot shape and add Hong Kong style. Then use the brown hand bag as accessories, elegant and artistic.

Its a great fit for this season and for women in the workplace.

Summary of Xiang Meis dressing skills:

1. The color system tends to be black, like to match with the color system, foreign style and advanced. 2. Be good at using bright and bright pieces as accessories to add color sense for simple wear, thus showing color balance. 3. Like to fold and wear very much to make it look layered. 4. Scarves and scarves are essential accessories for wearing, adding elegance.



All right, my friends! About the 83 year old teacher Xiang Meis dress, Xiao run shared it here today! Looking at the old teacher Xiangmei, do you feel elegant, delicate and fashionable? Anyway, when xiaorun saw her, she really didnt feel so terrible when she was old. As long as she was dressed properly, she could be very beautiful when she was old.

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