Top runner in track and field

 Top runner in track and field

As the gold medal winner of the mens 10000 meters in the Doha world championships in track and field in 2019, chipotgai is a strong new star in middle and long distance running in recent years. However, before 2020, cheputtegay can only be regarded as the top player in the world, and has no absolute dominance. Until he has broken becklers world records of 5000m and 10000m, which has been maintained for more than ten years, the outside world unanimously believes that the new king of middle and long distance running has been born.

In addition to breaking world records, chaptergei has also benefited from his all-round performance in cross-country, field and road running. In Tokyo Olympic Games, winning the mens 5000 meters and 10000 meters gold medals is naturally the short-term goal of cheputeger, but he will not stop here. He will continue to show his dominance in the road running and cross-country competitions, which is also in the planning of cheputtegay.

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Birthday: September 12, 1996

The 10000 meter champion of the 2014 U20 World Championships

Runner up in the 10000 meter track and field world championships 2017

Fourth place in 2020 half horse World Championships

Chemptegays record breaking list


Breaking the world record of 15km mens road race in November 2018

26 minutes 38 seconds

Breaking the world record of 10km mens road running in December 2019 (rewritten by others)

12 minutes 51 seconds

Breaking the world record of mens 5km race in February 2020

12 minutes, 35 seconds 36

Breaking the mens 5000m world record in August 2020

26 minutes 11 seconds 00

Breaking the mens 10000 meter world record in October 2020

Growth process

There was a painful defeat in 30th place

Like many talented and successful middle and long-distance runners, chaptergei also went on the road of middle and long-distance running after being discovered. He had a highlight moment of fame in the first World War, and there was also a low period when he was in trouble. After years of competition, he finally ushered in the last two years.

Born in a small village in eastern Uganda, chipotgei liked playing football when he was a child. He also tried long jump, triple jump and other track and field events, but he was more interested in hobbies. It wasnt until a coach discovered his running talent in college that cheptgei began to receive regular training.

In July 2013, cheptgei took part in the first official competition of his career in Uganda. He ran 8:43.21 in the 3000 meter steeplechase to finish fourth. In July 2014, chaptege appeared in the U20 World Championships, winning the mens 10000 meter championship and the fourth place in the 5000m respectively, which gradually attracted attention.

In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, chaptege, who was under the age of 20, took the first place in the Olympic Games, winning the 8th and 6th places respectively in the mens 5000m and 10000m events. In the 2017 London World Championships, cheuptegy was only one step away from the world champion. In the result, he was defeated by Mo Farah in less than half a second, ranking second.

For him, the biggest blow came from the world cross-country Championships in 2017, which was once the last memory he wanted to mention.

As the host player, chipotgei was the most vocal player to win the championship before the competition, and he was still far ahead of the competition. All Ugandans even celebrated the victory in advance. Then the plot was unexpected. Cheputgai suddenly lost speed. In the last two kilometers, he was overtaken by 29 competitors and finally won only 30.

I didnt dare to recall that game. It took weeks to pick myself up again. In front of his hometown father in front of the extremely embarrassing way to lose the game, once let cheputgai suffer a blow, but that painful defeat also inspired him to achieve transformation, which has now become the new king of long-distance running.

Sanqi player

Both cross-country and road running

For the worlds top middle and long distance runners, it is normal to focus on the main events of field events. Take kipchogg, beckler, Mo Farah and other famous generals as an example. They all started to try the marathon race until the end of their career after their success, or switched to the road race after retirement.

Not the same as chaptergei, he has been playing field, cross-country and road running since he became a professional. Like the 5km of the road race and the 5000m of the field race, it seems that the distance is the same, but the technical requirements of the worlds top players are quite different, not to mention cross-country race.

It seems to have something to do with Ugandas rugged terrain. Cheputtegy, who has been training in his hometown for a long time, can always quickly adapt to competitions with different venues.

In November 2018, in a road race held in the Netherlands, cheptgei broke the mens 15 km world record in 41 minutes and 05 seconds. In March 2019, cheptgei won the adult group championship of the cross country World Championships in Denmark, making up for the regret of 2017. In December 2019, in a road race in Valencia, Spain, chipotgai broke the mens 10km world record with 26 minutes and 38 seconds.

At the beginning of his career, cheptgei proposed to participate in a half marathon, which was politely rejected by the coaching team.

In October of this year, cheptgei was finally granted permission to participate in the semi-marathon World Championships. Although he only won the fourth place, it was a new beginning for him to set foot on the marathon track.

Making history

The new king of middle and long distance race breaks the record 3 times this year

If the world cross-country championship and the world records of 15 km and 10 km road race are still minor disturbances, and the 10000 meter champion of Doha world championships is routine operation, then it is the symbol of cheuptegers rule of the middle and long-distance running field that he has broken the world records for three times this year and kept becklers two track records for more than ten years.

In the middle of February this year, in a road race held in Monaco, chaptege broke the mens 5km world record with 12 minutes and 51 seconds, making a good start to the 2020 season. The sudden epidemic and the suspension of the global track and field events also made him feel helpless. But he went back to his hometown in silence and continued to work hard, waiting for a few games.

If the Tokyo Olympic Games are not postponed, he is expected to win the mens 5000m and 10000m gold medals. For the Ugandan general who holds four world records at the age of 24, there are countless histories to be created in the future.

Source: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NB12651