It is the kings way for a little fat girl to be thin and tall. Its a tried and tested method, which is fashionable and casual

 It is the kings way for a little fat girl to be thin and tall. Its a tried and tested method, which is fashionable and casual

The upper body is not only limited to vest and T-shirt, but also sweater and shirt, depending on the season. There may be a girl to ask, those girls who have vest line can also show their own vest line, I only have fat to do? Dont worry about it. Girls with excess weight suggest not to choose too short tops and wear them with high waists and bottoms. There is just a seam at the joint, which can also create a faint thin feeling.

The lower body is usually matched with high waist pants. The essence of high waist pants is to show the waist line. If it is covered, it is no different from low waist mid waist.

Some little sisters feel that their waist is not thin enough and dare not wear high waist pants. Here, the blues share a little skill: choose the silhouette high waist bottom, which will visually create the effect that the waist is the thinnest part of the lower body.

Trapezoid bottom

Trapezoidal bottom design is very clever, it is from the waist to gradually increase the width, in the visual more reflects the waist of the slender, elongate the proportion of legs, make the proportion of the whole set of wear look more harmonious. In fact, it has also been common in our daily life, not only wide leg pants, but also flared pants, A-line skirt and so on.

Todays Blues take the typical trapezoidal bottom flared pants as an example. Fashion is a reincarnation does not deceive me. Bell bottoms, as a fashion item in the 1970s and 1980s, have returned strongly and set off a wave of fashion. In fact, the most important role of flared pants is to modify the lines of the legs.

The most obvious way to wear it is to choose a slightly longer pair of trousers, with a pair of high-heeled shoes or pointed paternal shoes, only showing the tip of the shoe, or the shoes are completely covered. The trapezoidal bottom can stretch the leg length infinitely with the height of the sole.

A lot of fat little sisters dare not try the over the knee boots, but the blues say that the over knee boots are really the essential magic weapon to improve the proportion and show leg length.

The over knee boots can modify the leg lines and extend the leg proportion visually. It is best to choose boots with a certain degree of skin exposure, with woolen skirt or leather shorts, revealing part of the leg skin, which is to show thin and high spirit. Autumn is the best season to wear boots, and the temperature is just right. If you havent started, you can think about it. Try to take the first step.

Knee boots in late autumn and early winter season wear, not only show thin, but also warm enough. Its soft bootie fits the leg shape, and its very suitable for daily dating or commuting to work, without discomfort or pedaling. Woolen or suede material will also increase the sense of high-level, and the atmosphere of autumn and winter is very suitable.

It is the pursuit of many girls to show high and thin, but we also need to learn to face up to our own shortcomings, learn to reconcile with ourselves, and dont always complain about our shortcomings. This is the first step to become beautiful, and use clothes to highlight our advantages.

Dressing is a kind of skill, and the pursuit of beauty is peoples desire for beauty. At the same time, dont care too much about other peoples eyes and opinions. Be bold and confident. As long as you dress happily and comfortably, you are the most beautiful.