Camillas celebrity fashion super love Megans handbag

 Camillas celebrity fashion super love Megans handbag

She wore a pure wool shirt dress and a short black cape. The whole dress was mainly black. The white of the skirt neckline and sleeves added a new meaning to the shape. It would not look dull and solemn because of the black color. It had both Royal elegance and celebrity style, and it was graceful and natural.

Even the mask is no longer the colorful favorite of European royal women, but the leopard pattern of personality publicity. From this detail, we can see that Camilla is not old, and her age is still at the forefront of fashion.

In addition to the dress, the black handbag of Megan and demellilondon is also very fashionable. I dont know whether it is the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law who have exchanged opinions on fashion in private or whether the aesthetic washing is so consistent.

On that day, Camilla also wore a Fitbit health bracelet, which attracted the attention of many royal fans. The bracelet is dark blue, and the middle display screen is made of rose gold. The black screen is elegant and concise. It is said that the bracelet is equipped with a tracker, which is afraid of being abducted? However, its most basic are some of the settings to detect human health, enough to see Camillas elderly mentality, always pay attention to health problems, prevention in the bud!

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