2020 Badminton World Championships cancelled, New Zealand wins the right to host in 2024

 2020 Badminton World Championships cancelled, New Zealand wins the right to host in 2024

The organizers of the 2020 World Badminton Championships confirmed today that the event had been cancelled, the world badminton federation said in its announcement. Due to the continuous restriction and uncertainty of the new coronavirus, the World Badminton Federation, New Zealand Badminton Association and tournament organizers have no choice but to cancel the competition.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is expected to be held in the second half of 2021, and the uncertainty of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is expected to continue until next year.

Thomas Lund, Secretary General of the World Badminton Federation, said: of course, we are disappointed that the 2020 World Badminton Championship cannot be held, but due to the complexity of the entry restrictions and the new championship epidemic situation, it is impossible to guarantee that the event will be held as scheduled or to arrange a new host.

However, the New Zealand Badminton Association is still committed to hosting the World Badminton Federation World Youth Championships, and the World Badminton Federation has accepted their proposal to host the 2024 World Youth Championships. The Council of the World Badminton Federation has decided to host the 2021, 2022 and 2023 World Championships in 2018, so the next available year is 2024.

We would like to thank the New Zealand Badminton Association, the competition organizers, its partners and the New Zealand government for their enthusiasm and commitment to hosting the World Youth Championships, Thomas Lund said

As for their efforts to host this competition, we have decided to give New Zealand the right to host the 2024 World Youth Championships as an expression of recognition for their work. We regret that a lot of young players are not able to participate in the world youth championship, we can only encourage them to continue to train hard and to participate in the open to accumulate experience.

It has been a difficult and extraordinary year during the epidemic, but we are all looking forward to the return of the International Youth Badminton Competition in 2021 and the next World Youth Championships of World Badminton Federation to be held in China in October 2021. (end)

Source of this article: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of chinanews.com_ NB12651