LeBron sings Happy Birthday for her 6-year-old daughter

 LeBron sings Happy Birthday for her 6-year-old daughter

LeBron is very fond of his little daughter. As soon as he won the championship and flew back to Los Angeles from Orlando, he bought a small house for her to build in the backyard. LeBron said it was an early birthday present for his daughter.

When the birthday came, the living room of LeBrons family had been specially decorated with balloons to celebrate Julies birthday. Zhu Rui and his family open the presents at the living room table. Apparently, they have prepared a gift for their little daughter.

LeBron sings his birthday song and walks towards Zhu Rui step by step from the distance. However, when he sings the last two sentences, because he is too happy, it seems that there is something out of tune. Julie bows his head and smiles into an expression bag, and LeBron laughs happily.

LeBron also posted many lovely photos of her daughter on INS to celebrate her birthday, happy birthday, Z! My princess.

There are also two big boys in the LeBlanc family, but obviously, the favorite is Julie. LeBron also set up a channel on social media in her personal name to share the details of her daily life.

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