U.S. stocks closed higher, Dow rose more than 150 points, tal fell nearly 12percent

 U.S. stocks closed higher, Dow rose more than 150 points, tal fell nearly 12percent

The Dow Jones index closed at 28363.66, up 152.84 points, or 0.54%, after falling 170 points earlier in the day. The standard & Poors 500 index rose 0.52% to 3453.49 and the Nasdaq composite index rose 0.19% to 11506.01.

Specifically, in US stock trading on Thursday, most of the technology leaders rose, with Apples share price closing at US $115.75, down 0.96%; Googles parent company, alphabet, up 1.39%; Amazons, closing at US $3176.40, down 0.27%; Microsofts closing at US $214.89, up 0.04%; Facebooks closing at US $278.12, down 0.22%; Oracles closing at US $59.69, up 0.03 %IBM closed at $115.76, up 0.61%; Netflix closed at $485.23, down 0.78%; Tesla closed at $425.79, up 0.75%; twitter rose 0.08%, Uber rose 4.26%; LYFT rose 3.73%.

Most of the leading chip stocks in US stocks rose, with TSMC up 0.65% to US $88.21, NVIDIA to US $534.44, down 1.21%, Intel to US $53.90, up 0.75%, ASMC to US $375.50, down 1.96%, Broadcom to US $373.37, up 0.35%, Qualcomm to us $128.38, up 0.13%, Texas Instruments to US $148.22, up 1.43%, AMD It closed at $79.42, up 0.28%, applied materials fell 0.66%, and micron technology rose 2.01%.

Most of the major Chinese stocks listed in the US fell, with Alibaba closing at US $306.28, down 0.55%; Jingdong closing at US $81.31, down 1.60%; Baidu closing at US $132.86, down 1.47%; pinduoduo closing at US $87.77, down 2.73%; bilibilibili closing at US $45.30, up 0.31%; tal closing at US $66.34, down 11.45%; iqiyi closing at US $23.02, up 0.35% It closed at $69.80, down 2.01%; Weibo closed at $39.91, up 1.58%; Sina fell 0.16%; Sohu fell 1.89%; Sogou rose 0.00%; Ctrip rose 2.33%; 51job fell 0.60%; car home fell 1.99%; Weilai fell 1.72%; Jinshan cloud fell 0.48%, ideal car fell 2.11%.

Pelosi said Thursday that a new fiscal stimulus package is about to be reached.. If we dont make progress, I wont spend a minute on these conversations, she added. I think this is a serious effort and I believe both sides hope to reach an agreement.

Of course, Pelosi pointed out that the two sides have not yet reached agreement on a number of key issues, including the allocation of state and local funds. She also warned that it might take some time for lawmakers to actually draft and vote on any bailout bill.

Prajakta Bhide, strategist at MRB partners, an investment firm, said in a report: as there are no signs of the end of the epidemic, the economy needs additional financial support for several months. The adoption of a large-scale additional fiscal stimulus plan at the beginning of next year and the timely approval of medical programs are essential to better control the new epidemic situation next year, which is essential to ensure the sustained economic growth of next year

Investors also focused on the second and final presidential debate between trump and former Vice President Biden, which is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. EST on Thursday.

The US general election is scheduled for November 3. Recent polls show Biden ahead of trump, and also indicate that the Democratic Party may gain a majority in the Senate and continue to control the house of Representatives. (Liu Chun)

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Netease science and Technology Report_ NBJ11279