Why doesnt watermelon video become Chinas YouTube

 Why doesnt watermelon video become Chinas YouTube

The topic of who is Chinas YouTube has been hotly discussed. However, there are few Chinese video platforms that can really carry these functions, whether it is the early tudou.com, ku6.com, or the high-profile technology and second shot. With the reduction of the requirements of 5g network and smart phones for playing and shooting, and the cultivation of users minds by major video platforms, the ancient track of China video seems to have ignited again.

On October 20, watermelon play curiosity conference was held in Sanya, announcing that it would spend at least 2 billion yuan to increase the China video track in the next year. Two days ago, in station B, which has been working hard on this track for many years, an exchange meeting was held in Shanghai for the up Masters (the nickname for the creators of station B). It seems that the two sides are fighting against each other.

At the watermelon play curiosity conference, Ren Lifeng made a public appearance in his new capacity as president of watermelon video. In addition to announcing subsidies for Chinese video, he also preempted the definition of the vast majority of which are produced by PGC (professional content production) with a horizontal screen frequency of 1-30 minutes.

Tiktok tiktok, tiktok tiktok, brought the big gift package. The watermelon video will strengthen and vibrate the linkage between Chinese video content and search services, and will create a horizontal screen area for the two stage scenes of the tremble, and even for the Chinese video. Watermelon video creators can choose to synchronize to the jitter and double ends distribution when uploading video.

In the past six months, almost all of the head content platforms have been working on video. In July, Weibo launched the video number plan, with 500 million cash sharing to support creators. At the end of September, wechat launched the video upload function for more than 1 minute. In October, baidu launched an independent video app Baidu to see, while Zhihu added a video section on its home page.

So, can watermelon video overtake on a curve? How to differentiate between the tiktok and the same family? How to help the creators who have been generating electricity for love to increase their income? All of these have become the key questions he needs to face and answer.

Dont do Youtube in China

The consumption of video tiktok is over 20% in the shaking voice, Ren Li Feng has realized the demand of Chinese video. In his opinion, short video is more short, flat and fast content. This kind of content is more efficient in the width and breadth of information transmission, while the vertical, circular and deep content is more suitable for Chinese video. The needs of these users have not been met.

Video has become a content product created and consumed by the whole people. The track of long video, medium video and short video is also increasingly clear. According to previous reports issued by CITIC Securities, in the 5g era, with the continuous in-depth development of the content platform and the continuous improvement of users requirements for content quality, the video industry is expected to have a Chinese video track.

How to locate the track is the key to track selection? Shell finance and economics of Beijing News asked Ren Lifeng whether watermelon video should be benchmarked against YouTube. The other side made it clear that the development process of YouTube could not be fully used for reference. Since the birth of youtube, there has been a large number of content. It has completely experienced the television age and DV era. There was a large number of horizontal screen content production, but there was no place to display it. So when YouTube appeared, users needed to be fully released when they could store content at low cost or even free of charge.

In Ren Lifengs opinion, watermelon video needs to find the target audience, and solve the problem of content production and content distribution, that is to let the creator express with lower threshold, and make the expression more rich and diverse. Therefore, watermelon video released a multi terminal professional version of the production tools at the meeting, and provided cold start subsidies for creators who were far away from money. In the vertical category selection, pan knowledge, pan life, parent-child maternal and child fields are the focus of watermelon video.

Ren Lifeng said that he had done a lot of thinking and Analysis on the product positioning since his new job of watermelon video. In the future, watermelon video business will be continuously and intensively invested around the center of China video.. This is the first time that the watermelon video is clearly positioned to the outside world.

Previously, watermelon videos often appeared in the form of video columns in todays headlines. At the beginning of the year, the high price purchase of the copyright of the movie my mother once made the outside world think that the positioning of watermelon video was long video, including the purchase (investment) of some dramas and variety shows, which made the watermelon video obscure in the eyes of the outside world.

In this regard, Ren Lifeng said, at this stage, long video is not the center of our strategy. We can not talk about being a troublemaker, but we will maintain the investment in long video, so that long video can have a certain combination in content, theme, user consumption and medium video. In addition, it is a public welfare project during the epidemic period.

New challenge of tiktok

Tiktok Lee, who was previously a head of the jitter product, had led the tiktok to break through from 0 to 1. His new watermelon video reflected the importance of the byte beating to the video.

What tiktok said is how to enhance the collaboration between active search and algorithm recommendation is a challenge that has not been encountered before. When users actively express their intentions through search, the algorithm recommendation should also be based on this active expression to do understanding and collaboration. This problem will not be encountered in the early stage of the tiktok, because the early users of the jitter will not actively search for what the consumer is consuming, such as the video users. In the long-time and decision-making scenarios, they usually take the initiative to search. Ren Lifeng said.

Zhang Yiming, founder of byte skipping, once told Ren Lifeng that dont worry about money, concentrate on content, which means that there is no time limit for what he has to do in watermelon video. If we look at problems in the long term, there is enough room for industry opportunities. For users and even for the society, we should continue to provide useful, valuable and rewarding content, rather than limit the time to achieve what goal. Willing to invest for a long time, patient and resilient, Ren said

However, it should be noted that watermelon video is not the only video platform under byte skipping. Tiktok tiktok, Zhang Nan tiktok volcano, said in September this year, the 600 million people used the jitter every day, which means that as of August this year, the 600 million day users of tiktok (combined with the jolt volcano) have exceeded the number of users.

How does watermelon video develop differently with brothers of the same family? Tiktok said tiktok tiktok and watermelon video are becoming more and more clear. The location of the sound is located on the UGC product, and the watermelon video is defined on the PGC based video track. the equivalent of the user can see the video in the jitter, but it can better watch the video on the watermelon.

He also said that although watermelon video was previously embedded in todays headlines and their user portraits are similar, users prefer social, military and financial content in todays headlines, while they are more interested in watermelon video and will explore more content.

Tiktok and watermelon video makers are not as high as we think, and they have their own production tendencies. Tiktok native producers prefer vertical screens, while watermelon videos tend to be more horizontal. Ren Lifeng said. According to the career development report of Chinese video creators provided by watermelon video, by August 2020, the number of live creators of watermelon video reached 3.2 million, an increase of 175% from the beginning of the year. Since this year, more than 8000 people have joined the ranks of watermelon video creators every day.

Tiktok tiktok will strengthen and vibrate the video content and search services in the future, and will also offer a horizontal screen area for the two stage of the clash, and even for the Chinese tiktok. Watermelon video creators can choose to synchronize to the jitter and distribute simultaneously when uploading video. Tiktok is equivalent to the video player who is part of the video. Tiktok will be deposited on the watermelon video. Watermelon video will also provide the video content for the jitter.

How to make the creator no longer generate electricity for love

31 PhD is a creators of watermelon video knowledge, and has more than 3 million 700 thousand fans in watermelon videos and tiktok. He said that after working as a video creator for a period of time, he found that it takes a lot of time and energy to produce high-quality video content. If there is no reasonable return, it is very difficult for a person to stick to it. Lin Chen, who filmed a micro documentary during the epidemic in Wuhan, also expressed similar views in his speech.

In order to make the creators far away from money successfully complete the cold start, Ren Lifeng said that in addition to spending 2 billion yuan to subsidize creators in the coming year, watermelon video will actively explore the minimum + sharing mode initiated by the video industry.

He added that watermelon video has no profit pressure and is willing to provide more resources to support high-quality Chinese video creators. According to the data, nearly 400 watermelon video creators have reached one million in the past year. Ren Lifeng said that all high-quality Chinese video creators will have the opportunity to grow into professional creators - they will take video creation as their profession, and they can live a better life by creating videos.

With the growing scale of the Chinese video market, creators cash means are also increasing, including platform traffic sharing, live delivery with goods, advertising marketing and other ways.

Ren Lifeng focused on the means of live broadcasting with goods. In his opinion, the live broadcast of creators is different from that of performance. It can output high-density information in an hour or two, so that users can have trust, and finally make some consumption oriented decisions. Live broadcasting is also a key area for station B this year, aiming to saturate the income of creators. In addition, the Beijing News shell finance and economics previously exclusively reported that the betta, which started from live game broadcasting, has recently signed a contract with a short video creator, but it is mainly non exclusive in order to enhance the defense radius.

In addition, compared with the short video with compact time, China video also has the possibility of inserting advertising patches and ideas, including commercial customized advertising and commercial value output, which also has more space to play.

For the user atmosphere and social cognition that creators care about. Ren Lifeng said that he would enhance the accuracy of search and push, tap the value of barrage and comments, and trigger circle resonance.

Beijing News shell financial reporter baijinglei editor Zhao Ze proofread Li Shihui

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NT2541