Europa bell starts with own goal, sun Xingjie substitutes for Spurs 3-0 Linz

 Europa bell starts with own goal, sun Xingjie substitutes for Spurs 3-0 Linz

The second minute, duoerti pass, regelon long-range shot was blocked out of the baseline. In the fifth minute, Linz changed because of injury. The eighth minute, lame opened the right corner, the front point Ben - Davis 6 yards of the head to attack the top deviation. In the ninth minute, dortis right cross, the middle road unmanned veniseus 6 yards head ball attack the top deviation. The 12th minute, Balik left road inside cuts the long-range shot deviation. The first 18 minutes, Ben Davis long pass, vinishius inserted the left-wing cross, the middle no defense of small Lucas shot 10 yards, spurs 1-0 lead.

The 27th minute, ramela points the ball, bell passes on the right, Andrade in the middle tackles the ball and kicks into his own goal, spurs lead 2-0. The 28th minute, ramela with the ball into the forbidden area 14 yards to shoot, Schrag smash the ball off the ball slowly rolled to the goal, Schrag in front of the line to hold the ball. In the 33rd minute, Linzs free kick was hoisted into the forbidden area. Spurs did not get far out of the encirclement, and trauna volleyed high from the 16 yards left flank.

The 45th minute, gejik passes right, middle Raguz does the ball, trauna left rib 8 yards shot is blocked out. Then spurs back field pass error, Gruber area frontier shot, Joe Hart saved the bottom line. The second minute of make-up time, Michaels feiqiaoer feiqiaosi receives the yellow card. At the end of the first half, Tottenham were 2-0 ahead.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 47th minute, ramela broke into the right rib of the forbidden area, 10 yards away from the far angle. The first 51 minutes, lame opened the right corner, Davidson - Sanchez 6 yards head high. In the 54th minute, mijor opened the right corner, and at the back point, gejiks left foot push had no power, and jorhardt got the ball. The 58th minute, ramera straight, bell inserted to see to take the ball single knife, rushed out of the restricted area of Schrag.

In the 75th minute, venixius passed, Ali shot from 12 yards with a single knife. Schrag, who was attacking, threw down the ball and rolled to the goal, and Schlager tackled the ball in front of the line. In the 84th minute, Dohertys 45 degree cross on the right side, venixius headed the ferry, sun Xingfu inserted a single knife 10 yards to score, spurs 3-0 ahead. In the first minute of make-up time, dorttis right-hand cross, Clarke stopped the ball at the back point, and then shot the ball from 12 yards. In the end, Spurs won 3-0.

Tottenham (4231): 12 - jorhardt / 2 - Doherty, 6 - Davidson - Sanchez, 33 - Ben Davis, 3 - regelon / 8 - wenks, 5 - hoybel (6217 - Sissoko) / 27 - Lucas (7818 - loselso), 9 - Bell (627 - sun Xingjie), 11 - ramera (6220 - Ali) / 45 - vinishius (8647 - Clarke) Linz (343): 1 - Schrag / 6 - wisinger, 18- Trauna, 30 Andrade (4616-portzman) / 26 Lambert, 25 Holland (531-gigic), 10 mijoel, 7-renna (395-filipovich) / 17-gruber (4613-eggstein), 29 Raguz, 14-balic (7827-gigg) read the European Union real rent will break two mens first goal, Milan 3-1 beat Celtic, Europa leno gave a gift Yi Si Mei Yang Yang breaks the goal, Arsenal 2-1 reverses 19-year-old Jiubao builds the first show of British and European war, 1 shot and 2 passes! Records smashed, super domineering and fist wielding! Source: Netease sports Author: Hengshan, editor in charge: Feng Haotian_ NSJS2656

Linz (343): 1-schrag / 6-wiesingh, 18-trauna, 30-andrade (4616-portzman) / 26 Lambert, 25 Holland (531-gejik), 10-mijor, 7-renner (395-filipovich) / 17-gruber (4613-egstein), 29-laguz, 14-balik (7827-geggig)