Biden said he would develop relations with Taiwan, but one detail in his speech embarrassed the Taiwan authorities

 Biden said he would develop relations with Taiwan, but one detail in his speech embarrassed the Taiwan authorities

As for the part of developing relations between the United States and Taiwan, Biden mentioned it when he expounded his foreign policy. He claimed that the new coronavirus has made the United States realize that it can no longer be isolated and that it has to re-establish relations with its close allies, including deepening the relationship with Taiwan, the leading democracy, major economy, and the important city of science and technology.. Biden also called Taiwan a shining example of an open society that can effectively control the new coronavirus..

However, although Bidens remarks will excite the Taiwan authorities, there are still two paragraphs in his article, which may embarrass the Taiwan authorities.

Among them, Biden said he would cooperate with the mainland in the interests of the United States, listing public health and climate change.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a very embarrassing situation for Taiwan authorities. These two paragraphs will embarrass the authorities in Taiwan. Since the new crown pneumonia outbreak this year, the WHO has repeatedly been eating the shabby Taiwan authorities and colluding with the authorities that want to shirk their responsibility for preventing epidemic diseases. Chinas epidemic prevention is out of control, while attacking the World Health Organization (who) as a puppet of the mainland, it also plans to set up another stove with the trump authorities.

Therefore, Biden now openly stated that the US epidemic is rotten to the end and is Trumps responsibility. He also said that cooperation with Chinese mainland in public health is all about fighting against the Taiwan authorities and other anti china forces that are advocating similar views.

However, Taiwans poison media who are close to the peoples Progressive Party authorities also seem to know that Biden will not be as reckless as trump in ignoring the bottom line of Chinas relations after taking office. Therefore, their current concern about Biden is not focused on the article that he wants to develop relations with Taiwan. Instead, they are following trump and his supporters to hype about Biden and his sons corruption, helping trump refute the Democratic Party, and some DPP politicians also claim that Bidens failure has been revealed..

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