Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao: three years of war? Its important to find a middle value for peace

 Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao: three years of war? Its important to find a middle value for peace


Until recently, a lot of Xiao Yaxuans abnormal behavior - people put their own focus on the brother-in-law love can not last long. Xiao Yaxuan updated the strange dynamic on his personal social platform. Later, they were trying to clarify what was going on. However, people still speculate. Xiao Yaxuans abnormality is basically related to Huang Hao. Whats more, its a cold war between two people. The reason is that Huang Hao wants to enter the entertainment industry. Is it okay to be a man number one? Xiao Yaxuan refused directly. Originally, there are opinions to discuss.



Before, people said seven year itch.. Then there was five years of pain.. Now its more direct, three years of war.. The sweet cycle of this emotion is getting shorter and shorter. What do you mean? Although love is like a can, it has a shelf life. However, it is not getting shorter and shorter, right? Short, it seems that there is no serious start on the end of the end? Looking at Xiao Yaxuan and Huang Hao in front of the screen, do they have such a hard time? Just stick with each others love? In this way, what courage should it be.


So, what to do when it comes to the bottleneck? Xiao Yaxuan said: three years later is another better state, we are looking for the middle value of peaceful coexistence. Yes, its important to find a balance between the two. Men and women are different, and the starting point of gender is different. If you have to struggle with something, it must be endless. So, a lot of lovers just walk on, walk away. Also less than seven years of itching, five years of pain, three years of war - directly, wave goodbye. Seeking common ground while reserving differences is the middle value of getting along.

Xiao Yaxuan tenderly confessed Huang Hao: if you are a cloud, I will follow you to become a cloud. If you are a drop of rain, I will follow you into a drop of rain.. Ha, I think Xiao Yaxuan has found the right one. Hope, they can be long and sweet!