Europa leno presents Luis, American sheep score goal, Arsenal 2-1 reversal

 Europa leno presents Luis, American sheep score goal, Arsenal 2-1 reversal

In the 8th minute, nkatiyas oblique pass, Saka inserted the ball into the forbidden area with the ball, and the ball was too big, which was solved by goalkeeper streiberg. The first 15 minutes, Cedric from the right side of the field long-range free kick, David Lewis left side of the penalty area wrapped the header shot, the goalkeeper flew to save the ball.

In the 37th minute, after the referees whistle, nkatia still shot and was warned by a yellow card. The 38th minute, Fuentes forbidden area in front of the long-range shot, the ball was directly confiscated by Leno. The 42nd minute, ritzmair left cross, Kara stopped the ball, turned and strayed out. After half-time, Arsenal drew 0-0.

In the 48th minute, ritzmair crossed to the middle and Ljubicic shot high with his left foot. In the 51st minute, leno made a wrong pass and was robbed by Carla in the forbidden area. Forntas scored a low shot from the left side of the forbidden area, 1-0, and Arsenal were behind.

In the 58th minute, leno made another pass error. Carla cut the ball and shot in front of the forbidden area. Leno saved the ball. The 65th minute, obamayan free kick shot straight high.

In the 70th minute, Pepe opened the right free kick, the goalkeeper didnt touch the ball, David Lewis shook his head to break the goal, 1-1, Arsenal tied the score.

In the 72nd minute, leno went out to smash the ball out of the forbidden area, and the ball directly hit David Lewis. After fuentas got the ball, he dodged open space and directly shot the empty door.

The 74th minute, ernini direct pass, berelin forbidden area right side cross, obamayan forbidden area central push into the empty goal, 1-2, Arsenal 4 minutes in a row to score two goals.

The 76th minute, the Japanese player Beichuan air also substitutes the stage. The 80 th minute, lakazet forbidden area edge passes the person not to be able to pass, Pepe starts the foot to hang the shot to deviate. At the end of the game, Arsenal won 2-1.

Vienna Express (532): 1-streibeg / 36-alasai (7913-hick), 22 stoikovic, 20 Hoffman, 4-balach, 31-uman / 39-liubichi, 14-grahovac, 8-ritzmair (8828-konasmule) / 29-kara (7632-beichuan Airlines), 9-fontas

Arsenal (343): 1-lino / 23-david Lewis, 6-gabriel, 31-krahinaz / 17-cedric (612-bellelin), 25-ernie, 18-thomas, 7-saca (843-tierney) / 19 Pepe, 9-lakazet (8428-willock), 30-enkaitia (6114-obamayan)