The latest oil price! Price increase of refined oil: it will cost 3 yuan more to fill a box of 92 gasoline

 The latest oil price! Price increase of refined oil: it will cost 3 yuan more to fill a box of 92 gasoline

The price of refined oil is increased, and it will cost 3 yuan more to fill a box of oil

CCTV financial reporters learned from the national development and Reform Commission that the specific situation of the oil price adjustment is as follows: 80 yuan per ton of gasoline and 70 yuan per ton of diesel.

On the national average:

92 gasoline increased by 0.06 yuan per liter;

95 gasoline increased by 0.07 yuan per liter;

No.0 diesel oil increased by 0.06 yuan per liter.

CCTV financial reporter has calculated an account for you. According to the estimation of 50L capacity of ordinary household car fuel tank, filling up a tank of 92 gasoline will cost you 3 yuan more. This price adjustment is the fourth rise in the domestic refined oil price adjustment window in 2020.

Epidemic situation suppresses demand and OPEC + production reduction affects oil price in later period

During the price adjustment period, the OPEC + production reduction agreement continued to give a certain support to oil prices. Saudi Arabia and Russia held several meetings to reiterate strict compliance with the current production reduction agreement, and urged oil producing countries that had not fully implemented the production reduction agreement to complete compensatory production reduction by the end of the year. The U.S. approach to an economic stimulus plan also boosted oil prices.

In addition, the number of active oil wells in the United States began to increase, and Libyas crude oil production rose, all of which put pressure on oil prices. On average, the crude oil futures prices of London Brent and New York WTI crude oil futures in this price adjustment cycle were US $42.66 and US $40.60 per barrel, respectively, up 2.25% and 1.95% compared with the previous period.

According to the price monitoring center of the national development and Reform Commission, the demand suppression by the epidemic situation and the OPEC + promotion of production reduction will still be the two major factors affecting the oil price in the later stage, and the short-term oil price will be difficult to change and the trend of volatility will be weak.

Closing price of international crude oil futures

(October 9 - October 21)

The average market price rose and fell the highest and lowest compared with the previous price adjustment cycle, with London Brent crude oil 43.3241.7242.662.25% and New York WTI crude oil 41.4639.4340.601.95% and USD index 93.8692.6193.30-0.61%

(price monitoring center)

Oil price changes during the year: 4 up, 4 down, 12 stranded

In 2020, the price adjustment of domestic oil products has shown a pattern of four rises, four falls and twelve stalls. As of this price adjustment, gasoline price has been reduced by 1780 yuan per ton and diesel price by 1720 yuan per ton.

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