Why did Xi Jinping write this affectionate poem many years ago?

 Why did Xi Jinping write this affectionate poem many years ago?

The double support movement is a unique fine tradition and political advantage of our party, army and people. The rock solid unity between the military and the government, the army and the people, will always be an important magic weapon for us to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and constantly move from victory to victory.

I have an indissoluble bond with the army and have deep feelings for the army. Since I was a child, I have received more education in the history of our army, witnessed the elegant demeanor of many older generation leaders of our army, and formed sincere feelings for the army from my childhood. Later, I worked in the army for a few years. After taking office in the local government, I always paid close attention to the construction of the army. I often dealt with comrades in the army, and I had a fairly good understanding of national defense and army building. In July 8, 2013, chairman Xi Jinping recalled his indissoluble bound with the army in the democratic life meeting of the Central Military Commissions mass line educational practice.

Xi Jinping came from a revolutionary family. His father Xi Zhongxun was an outstanding revolutionist of the older generation of our party and one of the main founders and leaders of the revolutionary base area in the Shaanxi Gansu border region. After the founding of new China, he presided over the comprehensive work of the party, government and army in the Northwest for a long time. Therefore, Xi Jinping has been worshiping Yue Fei, Qi Jiguang, Feng Zicai and other national heroes in the battlefield since he was young.

In the spring of 1979, Xi Jinping, 26, was appointed by the general office of the State Council and served as secretary of Vice Premier Geng Biao. Just before he received the report, Geng Biao was transferred to the Secretary General of the Central Military Commission, and Xi Jinping was transferred to the Central Military Commission. He was named Deputy deputy, and the monthly salary was 52 yuan, which is the starting point of Xi Jinpings military career.

In 1982, under the background of streamlining the organs of the Central Military Commission, Xi Jinping left the Central Military Commission and became a military cadre. During the presidency of Hebei, Fujian, Zhejiang and Shanghai, Xi Jinping served as a troop in the army, continuing the fate of the army.

A poem conveys sincere feelings of support.

The affairs of the army are not only national affairs, but also unusual special events. Since the affairs of the army are special, they must be dealt with specially. In Xi Jinpings view, consolidating national defense and supporting the army building are the bounden duty of local Party committees and governments at all levels, and they should be placed on the important schedule.

On May 17, 1991, the 73121 troops had just moved from lianjiang to Fuzhou City, and all kinds of businesses were waiting for prosperity. That night, Xi Jinping led five teams in Fuzhou, and 12 bureaux and more than 30 people went to work in the army camp area in the rain. In the tent, comrade Xi Jinping and relevant leaders on the spot study, clash to solve the problem of more than 300 families and childrens account entry into Fuzhou. Ma yuezheng, former political commissar of the 73121 army, said, within half a year, all the children of the armys family members have settled down in Fuzhou, and their children have successively studied in high-quality primary and secondary schools in Fuzhou City by transferring schools or sending them to study. The worries of the cadres and soldiers have been solved, and we will have more peace of mind to serve.

In early 1992, the naval Fujian base moved from Ningde to the provincial capital. In April 10th of that year, Xi Jinping took the head of the relevant department of Fuzhou to the scene of the new camp. Before sitting down, Xi Jinping said to several army leaders: you have to move here. There are many difficulties. Youre welcome. How many difficulties do you have? Pour all the beans out of the bamboo tube. Then well pick them up one by one for you. One grain is indispensable.

Therefore, the urgent problems are put on the table one by one: 420 children of military family members need to settle down in Fuzhou and solve employment and enrollment; there are 24 large and small factories and 108 households in the camp area need to be vacated; there are also a package of thorny problems to be solved, such as water and electricity capacity increase, urban construction, land acquisition and communication, involving more than 30 units in 16 departments of 3 districts.

How to solve the problem? Half a day, the relevant departments in Fuzhou have taken their respective tasks. Xi Jinping is not at ease. He has appointed the special person to take the lead and check the implementation. Since then, various departments have quickly grasped the implementation, solved the problems one by one, and completed the task in the shortest time. He Linzhong, commander of the Fujian base of the Navy at that time, sighed, you are really as quick as fighting for us.

In 1996, Xi Jinping had a new post, the first commissar of Fujian antiaircraft artillery Reserve Division. When participating in military activities, he would always wear his military uniform and the rank of senior colonel. In his opinion, it was not only a matter of honor but also a sense of responsibility.

While caring for officers and men in active service, Xi Jinping also takes the matter of retired soldiers into account. In 2018, under the personal deployment of President Xi Jinping, the Department of Veterans Affairs was set up to solve the problem of military soldiers leaving active service, let no hero shed blood and shed tears, and make soldiers a respected occupation of the whole society.

On July 26, 2019, general secretary Xi Jinping met with all the representatives of the National Working Conference on retired servicemen in Beijing.

Since the eighteen Partys Congress, with the concern of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the system of double support has been constantly improved at all levels, and organizational leadership has been markedly strengthened, and the three after problem of the rear, back yard and future generations of troops has been resolved. Up to now, more than 634000 service centers (stations) for veterans have been built across the country, becoming an important position for the work of supporting both sides.

The soldiers are proud of their country and their families are respected by the whole people. Looking back at the past, the double support work in the new era condenses the original mission of our party and army; looking forward to the future, it inspires the whole nations army and people to build the Chinese dream together.