A sheep lost in Inner Mongolia caused three deaths and two injuries. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of intentional homicide

 A sheep lost in Inner Mongolia caused three deaths and two injuries. The suspect was arrested on suspicion of intentional homicide

Health center staff: three dead and two injured in Inner Mongolia

On the 10th, a village cadre in Erfen Township told the surging newsuff08 www.thepaper.cn uff09When he was working in the village more than ten years ago, he knew the perpetrator of this incident, and he was surprised to hear that it had happened.

Every family in the countryside will raise sheep. Its very frightening to do such a thing for a sheep. I cant think of it. Said the village cadres.

According to the 10 official account of WeChat public number of Wuchuan police, Ma Mougui, a villager in the two member township of Hei long trench village, lost a neighbors sheep and had a dispute with his neighbor Wang Mousheng. The police station immediately sent two policemen to the scene. During the mediation process, the police and the village committee cadres proposed a variety of mediation schemes, but Ma Xuegui, the party concerned, refused to accept. Mediation work continued until 12:35 p.m., Ma suddenly pulled out a sharp knife and rushed to Wang. When the police stopped him, Ma stabbed the policeman to the ground, and then stabbed Wang and injured three other people on the scene. One policeman and Wang were killed and three others were injured (one of them died on the way to hospital). The suspect, Ma Mou GUI, has been captured by the public security organs.

A staff member of Erfen township health center told the surging news that the wounded were directly sent to the county hospital. The police officer who was stabbed to death was the deputy director of the Erfen township police station. He was a very good person and often helped to mediate the neighborhood conflicts. His reputation in the village was high, and the villagers listened to him.

Wuchuan County Public Security Bureau said in the above notice that at present, the two injured have been sent to hospital for treatment, and the case is under further investigation.

Three homicide cases occurred in Wuchuan County, Inner Mongolia: the procuratorial organ intervened in advance, and the suspect has been detained

Hohhot news on October 10, 10, the reporter learned from the peoples Procuratorate of Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, in view of a dispute between a villager and a neighbor in Wuchuan County, Hohhot City, resulting in three deaths and two injuries, two levels of procuratorial organs of Hohhot City intervened in advance.

At about 8:00 on October 9, Ma Guibao in heilanghao village, Wuchuan County, reported that a sheep lost more than 10 days ago was found in the sheep of Wang, a villager in the same village. Zhang and fan arrived at the scene to deal with the police situation, and contacted the staff of the village committee and the villager Wang Mou Nian to mediate the dispute. However, Ma was not satisfied with various mediation schemes.

At about 12:35, Ma took out a butchers knife from his waist and stabbed Zhang, a policeman who was mediating a dispute, and Wang, a villager, who was then stabbed and fell to the ground. After 120 visits confirmed that Zhang and Wang had died. Wang, Wang and Xu were sent to the hospital for rescue. Wang died on the way, and the other two were still under treatment.

After the incident, the suspect, Ma Mou was arrested on the spot, 10 days by criminal detention. Wuchuan County procuratorate sent personnel to intervene in advance as soon as possible, and Hohhot peoples Procuratorate followed up and provided guidance at the same time.

The official account of Wuchuan police, WeChat, on October 10th, two villagers lost a sheep because of a dispute. When a policeman was in mediation, he was stabbed and killed. (originally titled Police Information Circular)

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