Why is the tired point of contemporary young people getting lower and lower?

 Why is the tired point of contemporary young people getting lower and lower?

In the era of screen reading, the self is kidnapped by mobile phones, and massive information bombards individuals.

In the best of spirits, friends circle can brush to the early morning, or continue to brush for a long time, still lively, even Taobao and tiktok can spend hours. It seems that we are using mobile phones. In fact, self has been kidnapped by mobile phones.

Stay up late and overdraft, and healthy life is getting further away.

Work at sunrise, rest at sunset, go to bed early and get up early. Since when have these simple rules of life become easier said than done?

However, with the process of urbanization, the 996 mode of work in the city has become a normal, and the lifestyle of relieving pressure, compensating oneself and comforting the soul through supper and chasing drama after work are also accompanied. Coupled with the conspiracy of the Internet and commerce, the prosperous life on the Internet is never going to sleep. No matter how late anyone is, he can find his own way of entertainment. Young people can only say, I dont want to stay up late and overdraft..

u25cf excessive anxiety and amplification of negative emotions.

In the era of more developed information, social pressure, family expectations and peer competition are more likely to be amplified through various channels and ways. At the same time, with the growth of academic period and the delay of employment period, the socialization degree of young peoples mind and their tenacity in the face of pressure and frustration are worrying. Often put in the long river of life is not worth mentioning things, are enough to become anxiety, depression and other negative emotions.

How to get rid of vulnerable people?

No one wants to be coerced by the low tired life. Here are some suggestions for those young people who want to get out of the low fatigue point, so as to help them recover their vitality and make their long life journey more energetic.

Use media, change passive use to active control.

Rebuild your own life order.

Create your own flow of happiness.

Fatigue also needs to be cleaned up regularly

If you want to have a relaxed mind, you should train your body to have the ability to relax if you want to. In fact, this is the same with many methods of self-cultivation at all times and in all over the world. When the body is relaxed and the breath is calm, the mood will naturally calm down.

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