Huawei mate 40 series global release: eight years and ten generations temper Huaweis strongest mate

 Huawei mate 40 series global release: eight years and ten generations temper Huaweis strongest mate

Huawei mate40 and Huawei mate 40pro offer three glass colors: bright black, glaze white and dark silver, and two plain leather versions, yellow and green. Among them, there are nine layers of optical coating hidden under the dark silver frosted glass, and a metal texture film is added at the bottom of the film, which is full of sense of science and technology. Huawei mate40pro + has also launched two versions of high-strength nano microcrystalline ceramics, ceramic black and ceramic white.

In terms of performance, Huawei mate 40pro and Huawei mate 40pro + are equipped with Huaweis first 5nm Kirin 90005gsoc chip, leading 5nm process technology and architecture design to achieve a huge leap in performance and energy efficiency ratio. The chip integrates up to 15 billion + transistors for the first time. The CPU adopts three-level energy-efficient architecture, with the highest main frequency up to 3.13ghz; it is equipped with Huaweis first 24 core mali-g78gpu, with excellent graphics processing capacity; it realizes the innovation of dual core + micro core NPU architecture, and then brushes the end side al performance to a new height. Huawei mate40 series is also equipped with Huawei super fast charging, which greatly improves the charging speed again.

Thanks to Huaweis end-to-end capability in 5g field, Huawei mate 40 series integrates global 5g R & D resources, carries 5g super uplink patent technology, and is the industrys first four network collaboration technology, which brings a fast experience of converging high network speed, stable and low delay.

In terms of image, Huawei mate 40 series is equipped with innovative super sensing Leica film imaging system, including 50 million pixel super perception camera, 20 million pixel ultra wide angle camera, long focus camera, etc., and supports up to 10 times / 20 times mixed zoom and 50 times / 100 times digital zoom. The addition of a 16 megapixel super sensing camera also broadens the viewing range. The horizontal self timer can automatically switch to three gears for wide-angle shooting. Self timer slow motion, front and back dual video and front 4K high-definition video make selfie interesting.

In addition, there are many video black technologies, which bring the overall evolution of image quality, anti shake and audio in three dimensions: supporting movie level 4K quality video and super motion anti shake, and xdfusion hardware ensures that the real-time HDR exposure effect is more balanced. Larger range of view and advanced anti distortion algorithm can effectively correct the image edge distortion of large scenes. There are also audio focusing, audio zoom and other innovative functions.

In terms of interaction, Huawei mate40 series is equipped with emu11 system, which not only brings Mondrian and other artistic styles of smart off screen display, smooth dynamic effect of one mirror to the bottom, AI air separation control that can realize pressing and other operations, but also has a new interactive mode and distributed technology to further enrich the whole scene intelligent life experience. For example, multi screen collaboration has realized the simultaneous opening of three mobile phone applications on the PC Window, smooth connection, so that the mobile phone and large screen to achieve message communication.

Huawei mate40 series also built a more comprehensive privacy and security protection from the kernel to the system. The key features of emui have obtained the European authoritative privacy certification eprivacyseal. 3D face and screen fingerprint dual biometric recognition, both support unlocking and payment, and the information is completed in an independent micro kernel. There are new security functions such as privacy memo, photo desensitization and sensitive rights management.

The annual flagship Huawei mate40 series integrates Huaweis cutting-edge software and hardware cloud services and other integrated technology capabilities, deeply integrates into the core strategy of intelligent full scene, reaches the public with technology with peak performance and balanced use experience, creates value for users, and completes another leap forward upgrade of the new generation of mate.

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of Netease technology channel_ NT2541