Mero must be cool! Media reports have revealed that Ronaldos new crown has not changed and he will not be able to play Barcelona

 Mero must be cool! Media reports have revealed that Ronaldos new crown has not changed and he will not be able to play Barcelona

Now, with the media about Ronaldo has not turned negative, the Portugueses hope of a comeback has become increasingly slim, he and Messis peak duel will not be staged.

In fact, on the evening of 19 local time, when attending the press conference of the rear wheel of the Champions League group match against Dinamo Kiev, coach Pirlo revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo has not turned negative. Unfortunately, C-Laws test is still positive. He will be out of the game, just as he will be out of Serie A on Saturday Mr Pirlo said.

After missing the group match between Juve and Barcelona at home, Ronaldos next chance to face Lionel Messi will be the last round of the group match away with Barcelona on December 8. However, considering that the qualification situation of the teams in the final round of the group match may have been determined, the intensity of the game will not be comparable to that of the second round.

Since Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Juve in the summer of 2018, mero decision has disappeared in La Liga. Barcelona and Juve have not met in the Champions League in the past two seasons.

C Luos new model of round inch: success or failure in life does not depend on achievements

C Luo, who is in isolation, updates its social news and shows a new style of flat head. The success or failure of life does not depend on what you have achieved, but on the obstacles you have overcome, said C. rowpin

Italian officials bombard c Luo for the third time

In the case of being asked to concentrate on isolation, Cristiano left Italy without permission to report back to the national team. After the Portuguese team confirmed the new crown, Ronaldo returned to Turin for isolation. This practice of Cristiano Cristiano Cristiano Cristiano has been attacked by Italian sports minister Spatafora one after another.

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Kiev Coach: Ronaldo needs the support of his teammates and Messi can solve the battle alone

In the Champions League group match, Dynamo Kiev, Barcelona, Ewing out of the same group. At the pre match press conference against Juve, Kiev coach luciescu talked about the difference between Messi and Ronaldo. Luciscu clearly pointed out that Messi can solve the battle by his own ability, while Ronaldo needs the support of his teammates.

Ronaldo needs everyones help to shine. Messi can rely on himself. Messi is not tall, he is good at fighting in small spaces because of his acceleration, confidence and dribbling. Ronaldo is different from Messi. He needs more space. He needs the help of his teammates. Messi is enough. Ronaldo can attack in front of the penalty area, but he will also make good use of the shooting space created by his teammates. Thats the difference between them, but theyre all very strong.

Between Messi and Ronaldo, lautaro also chose the former: I said in the past, now and in the future, Messi is the best player in the world. Messi is at a higher level than all the other players. For the game, he has his own unique way of understanding, he is the object of all Argentine players to study hard