Forget me. Let me go

 Forget me. Let me go

Lets go on with the bad study road of Xiaosi and me.

When I sent out such a request the day before yesterday, I found that my readers were not very good. They did not provide me with any constructive opinions and suggestions. Most of them were still waiting for me to give a lesson.

I didnt give up, so I sincerely asked again in the circle of friends. Does single girl have no secret of happiness now?

Then everyone gave me a reply: make money, keep fit, sleep, watch TV, travel, watch movies, spell Lego, jigsaw, take pictures, cook... how to say, sure enough, one by one is more positive energy and regular, especially the word make money appears more frequently.

I read it to Xiaosi one by one, and Xiaosi ha ha ha ha ha: Oh, of course, its important to make money. When I dont cry for love, I work hard to make money. We are also 30 years old. Dont we understand these? But to get to the point, is it really late to think about getting worse at 30?

I really want to correct her. Im less than 30 years old, but I feel a little late when Im 28 years old. After all, all the younger brothers and sisters born in the post-95s go out to play.

I once went to rub Yaos Bureau. Its not like rubbing. Its my friends birthday at ot. Yaoyao happens to be playing with her friends. I went to say hello. As soon as I got to their seats, I was shaken by Yaoyao and her friends. What surprised me most was that they could shake down the whole song of DJ and shake while drinking. I cant, I cant They almost threw up in their seats.

In order not to be humiliated, I really rushed to the toilet a few seconds before vomiting.

In the winter, you wear a short skirt with suspenders on bare legs. In order to take off your coat at any time, can you take off your 30-year-old knee? Working day drinks until 3 am, 8 am still up to do a hard worker, your eyelids of 30 years old is OK? Even drink a week and supper, weight can be maintained in 90 or so, your 30-year-old metabolism than it?

So we cant be bad from the action, but from the spirit and psychology, but I havent worked out how to do it. I hope the sisters can discuss it together.

However, Xiaosi and I decided to choose a few nights a week to make an appointment to go to the quiet bar like our stream bar. Anyway, we would first step out of the sad atmosphere brought by dregs.

She asked me to go out yesterday. But you know, last night I had a piece of Guangzi to send out. I had to revise the manuscript from time to time, send a reply and reply a message or something, so I was very busy and couldnt get away from it. I saw a bar downstairs in my community, and I said, if you really want to sit down, lets go to the bar downstairs. But I have to take my computer with me. I still cant drink rabies vaccine. If you drink too much, you can go upstairs and stay in my house for one night.

In this way, small silk also came, I can understand, meet not meet a new man, in other words, want to be drunk.

Although it makes sense to say that being single is the best value-added period, you cant ask a sad woman to be positive all the time. As long as the two of them exchange secrets, or have the same situation, I, who is almost in the same situation as Xiaosi, becomes the first choice for her to accompany drunk.

When we went to the bar to find a place to sit down, Xiaosi ordered a special cocktail from the store, and I picked and chose a non-alcoholic version called Mamma Mia ah. Xiaosi told me that she hoped not to order wine with this name next time when I came with men. Even if it was made pink, it would not cover up the destruction of the romantic atmosphere by its name.

Well, whats that glass of wine compared to the glare of my computer screen in the bar?

I quickly glanced at it. Sure enough, people in static bar are generally older, and they cant find an oversize Sweater Girl with her lower body missing. Nor can I see a hot girl who exposes her figure with a tight skirt. Most of them are dressed in casual or business dress. Men are almost the same. They feel that they come directly to sit down after work without going home.

I feel OK. There is no super ambiguous atmosphere in the nightclub. The people I see in this bar are quite real. And I quickly caught a handsome man with a side face. I noticed his nose at the first sight. The bridge of his nose was really high. His eyelashes were also long when I looked up. Why can I see his eyelashes in the dark environment? It is because there is a spotlight just above his face, which is not strong enough to hit his face.

Whats the matter? I asked softly.

Little silk didnt speak and pushed her cell phone to me. When I saw it, it was a girl who found Xiaosi on Weibo and sent a lot of chat records about her ex boyfriend inviting her to go to bed.

I said, didnt you tell me this before? You saw it for a long time. Why are you still sad about this.

But if you look at his conversation with that girl, how can he leave my house with his front foot and send a message that he will come to my house for the night? How could he tell others the day after he gave me roses that he didnt come to me?

I look at those messages, every word of a mans chatting is like a knife into Xiaosis heart. Why? Whats going on with these men? Do they really have no love?

The girl told me that not only did he ask her out during this period of time, but also when we were just together. This is the fifth I know. What I dont know is that I have lived in illusion and lies after we have been together for so long.

But his acting is really great. Do you know of a movie called half comedy? It was a story about a scum man who kept cheating on his fiancee. At that time, we saw it together. He said that what was the meaning of this man doing this? And when the Luo ZX incident just broke out, everyone made fun of the master of time management. He also said that whats wrong with people now, and he used scandal as a joke. But what about himself? He is really good at performing! Its a pity that he wont be an actor. Little silk broke down completely and her shoulders were shaking.

I cant say anything. I didnt say it in previous articles. Some men seem to be sick, but the whole person is fragmented, like having two personalities. I have nothing to say.

I always think about the relationship between me and L. before, I always thought that he loved me very much. However, after a lot of things, I also felt that this was my illusion. What he loved was not me, but the so-called free happiness under my bondage. And this I can be anyone, not necessarily mine.

Xiaosis ex boyfriend should be, too? He will not fall in love with any one person, he only likes to stimulate love derailment, love his own humble others when the superb performance. I really implore the actors to be in such programs and give these men a seat. They can definitely support the Chinese performing arts circle and go to the world.

Why dont you let me go, is it that I have two words on my face? I thought I had already accepted the worst situation he could bring me, and I had expected that there would be many such girls, but the fact is, I still cant carry it down.

Xiaosis face was covered with tears. I didnt ask for a paper towel from the waiter. Her tears could still flow a little more. I wish she could remember that at this moment, she broke the light in her eyes for such a worthless person.

And I seem to be looking at a mirror, or you are looking at a mirror, who is making us so sad?

Xiaosi was 28-30 years old, and I was 26-28 years old. We were sentenced and imprisoned in the false image of love. But in two years, we could be released after the sentence? Please take time to take a good look at this heart. There is nothing you can torture you any more. You should replace it with a fresh and energetic one instead of the dying one.

If you really have a little bit of love left for me, please look me in the eye for the last time, and I also want to make a last request to you.

Let me go, forget me.