Huaweis strongest mobile phone in history released 5-nanometer chip integrated with 15.3 billion transistors

 Huaweis strongest mobile phone in history released 5-nanometer chip integrated with 15.3 billion transistors

Huaweis most powerful flagship mobile phone in history

In this release, Huaweis first 5nm Kirin 9000soc chip was officially unveiled. According to Yu Chengdong, the mate 40 series carries Huaweis powerful Kirin 9000 chip, which is the most powerful chip in Huaweis history. Kirin 9000 chip adopts 5nm process. It is also the first 5g mobile phone SOC (system level chip) with 5nm process, which integrates 15.3 billion transistors.

Specifically, Huawei mate 40 uses 5nm Kirin 9000e chip, Huawei mate 40pro and Huawei mate 40pro + carry Kirin 9000 chip.

Yu Chengdong said: Huawei mate 40 series inherits Mate Series genes and is the most powerful Huawei mate mobile phone to date. Kirin 9000 series chips achieve a new level of performance and energy efficiency ratio. Emui11, based on distributed technology, provides a new intelligent full scene experience.

In terms of color, Huawei mate40 and Huawei mate40pro adopt five colors: bright black, glaze white, dark silver, green and yellow; Huawei mate 40pro + also introduces two new materials, ceramic black and ceramic white.

From the screen point of view, Huawei mate 40 series adopts a 90hz high refresh rate OLED screen. In addition, Huawei mate 40 series is equipped with 66W fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging. Huawei mate40 series AI control is upgraded again. It can browse the web page up and down, turn pages left and right, press to answer calls and play music.

From the price point of view, Huawei mate 40 (8GB + 128GB version) costs 899 euro, about 7102 yuan; Huawei mate 40pro (8GB + 256g) price is 1199 euro, about 9473 yuan; Huawei mate 40pro + (12gb + 256gb) price is 1399 euro, about 11053 yuan; Huawei mate 40rs Porsche version price is 2295 euro, about 18132 yuan.

Huawei is in a difficult time

It is worth noting that before Huawei mate 40 series was released, some users were worried about whether they could buy the products in the first time.

On August 7, Yu Chengdong said frankly: due to the second round of US sanctions, our chip production can only accept orders before May 15, and the production will be closed on September 15.

At that time, Yu Chengdong also revealed: this years Kirin 9000 chip may be the last generation of Kirin high-end chip, the quantity is very limited.

At the end of todays speech, Yu Chengdong said: Huawei is in a very difficult time, and we are experiencing the third round of US government ban. This ban is so unfair that we are in a difficult situation. Over the past three decades, Huawei has continued to invest heavily in technology and innovation to improve peoples lives through technological innovation.

Over the past 30 years, we have the best reputation in network security and privacy protection. We lead the industry in the field of communication technology, and we also lead the industry in consumer technology. In the past decade, we have witnessed Huawei grow from an unknown brand to a global leading brand of intelligent devices. Without the trust and support of all, we can not achieve such remarkable progress. For Huawei, no matter how difficult the situation is, we are committed to continuous technological innovation.

According to Yu Chengdong, Huawei has more than 1 billion connected devices worldwide, of which 700 million are Huawei smart phones.

According to the data of several major market research institutions, in the second quarter, Huaweis global shipment exceeded Samsung, ranking first in the world.

In the second quarter, Huawei shipped 54.8 million units worldwide, accounting for 20 percent of the market, and Samsung 54.2 million units, according to counterpoint research, a market research agency. This is also the first time that Huawei has surpassed Samsung in a single quarter after being sanctioned by the United States, becoming the first in the world.

Yu Chengdong did not name apple at the press conference. Yu Chengdong said that Kirin 9000 chip has 30% more transistors than A14 chip, which is the worlds top 5gsoc. Other manufacturers have just launched the first generation of 5g flagship phones, but Huawei has already launched three generations of 5g mobile phones, carrying the third generation of 5g mobile communication chips.

In the field of high-end mobile phones, Huawei and apple are very popular in the Chinese market. According to IDC data, in the first half of the year, Huawei accounted for 44.1% of Chinas smartphone market share of more than $600, while Apple accounted for 44%.

However, due to the impact of further sanctions from the United States, Huawei encountered problems in the supply of mobile phone chips and the shipment of mobile phones was affected. CICC pointed out that Huawei was more cautious in preparing goods due to the U.S. ban, and after the 915 chip was cut off, the shipment volume dropped sharply.

Huaweis global market share fell to 16% in August, while Samsungs rose to 22%, according to counterpoint research.

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